Now, Tolu and I have never met. I stumbled on his blog early in the year, where he tries to chronicle everyday of moving back to Nigeria, and after a short while I would run there for a laugh, encouragement, or just a glimmer of light for my dark day.

He is VERY funny, writes brilliantly, and I was excited when he said he would join this project. Holding up the 14th day of my #31Days31Writers project, the lovely Tolu!

My name is Tolu Onile-Ere, I am Nigerian (& British), and I work at Playhouse Communication Ltd, a digital advertising agency in Nigeria.

One thing I’ve learned this year? Well, I found out I was adopted.

Just kidding, although am sure my parents and siblings often wish it was true.

Sorry, couldn’t resist and it felt like I had to say something major. But truth be told I know I’ve learned loads of small things but nothing that major. Wonder if that is something to be thankful for or something to worry about cos it could mean that I have coasted through this year and have not pushed myself.

Okay, I’ll have to think about that and tell you what I learn next year.

What am I most grateful for? I’m grateful for winning the lottery.

Just kidding again.

Ok, no bullshit, everyday I am grateful for what I have – my family, my friends, everything.

And if I could, one thing I would do differently.

Sorry, am writing this so I set the rules. So I’m not saying just one thing:
I wish I had loved more,
lost my temper less,
taken more chances,
worried less,
laughed more,
attended fewer funerals,
been closer to my God,
spent more time with my son…

And I think I’ll stop there.

Feet!!! Tolu!! By the way, Tolu has an amazing blog here...

Feet!!! Tolu!! By the way, Tolu has an amazing blog here…

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  1. Onaedo says:

    Ok, he’s funny alright and I’ll be off to his blog in a minute! I can relate with everything in this post, I almost feel like he took the words from my head!
    Thank you T for sharing your year with us. More grace and love in the year to come.

    P.S. I don’t mean to seem like an old friend with the ‘T’, but I find that I like to use people’s initials.

    • Tolu is an easy, laid back, very funny guy (I know all these and we haven’t met)… Don’t think he minded the ‘T’ one bit!!

      I should do this #31days31writers business again, totally enjoyed bringing so many people together like this…

  2. Lmao, Hey O, you can call me anything you want. ;-)
    Glad you liked it and after that build up, glad I was ‘funny’.
    And to my host, thanks for the invite and welcoming me into your ‘world’.

  3. Ah,hilariousssss! But message is passed across…

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