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So I got a HTC One as a gift (whoop), and as you would expect, I was beyond thrilled when the guy from FedEx knocked on the door and said “you have a parcel!”

I was also a little nervous because it would be my first all touch device; I’ve been a BlackBerry addict from my first one which was the BB9000. Why? Because I just couldn’t cope with typing on a touch screen.

I’d got an iPad in September because I didn’t want to have to bother with carrying my 13-inch Macbook back and forth my house for Social Media Week. I got a brand new 4th generation one for an awesome deal on eBay and I was looking forward to rocking my iPad. Took to the first day of the event and ladies and gentlemen, I was so frustrated!

I couldn’t cope with the touchscreen (bushgirl like me, lol). More importantly, I couldn’t work on WordPress (and that was why I bought it o) because I didn’t read the manual (don’t even judge because I know you don’t read manuals too).

Anyway, so I struggled with it for the first two days, and then I quietly dropped the iPad at home and carried my laptop there for the remaining four days. And I was productive! Come to think of it, the laptop I used before the mac was a 17inch Sony Vaio, so why was I complaining about a 13inch lightweight mac? Moment of silence for the Vaio, another gift from my birthday in 2011. The story of that wonderful birthday is here

Anyway, so you can understand why I was a little disturbed with this one – at a point I asked myself why I didn’t ask for a BlackBerry Q10. Anyway, so the phone came, and after fumbling with it for a few days, it occurred to me that I didn’t know where the sim card was supposed to go (face palm). That’s when I picked up the manual and there was a little pin I was supposed to use to push open the sim card tray. I tried, tried, and tried, looked online for tricks/tips but after a few more days of trying, I chatted with a staff at HTC.

2013-11-15 16.02.52

SMH. That’s all I can say.

Of course I wasn’t having that so I wrote on their Facebook wall (both US and UK) complaining of the prospect of having to post the phone and I was advised to call, that surely it could be fixed/replaced here in England.

I rang, and a very helpful young man (don’t remember his name) helped me book a collection. And the phone was picked up. I got an email when it was received and another email three days after saying it was fixed and on the way back to me.

The next day there was a knock on the door and I flew downstairs ( I love deliveries) and lo and behold, my phone was back! Fixed! Whoop! The bit that excited me the most was the pack it came in!

All good baby!

All good baby! Whoop!!

Funnily, I still couldn’t use the phone. Why? Well it required a micro sim and I couldn’t go to Tmobile for a replacement for a few days. But I’ve got it now and I’m loving my new phone! More correctly, loving it when it’s not frustrating me!

PS: I promise to read the manual soonest!

PPS: This was written on the 1st of December, makes my phone 3 months old today!

PPPS (added on the 27th of February): I love my phone!

So on Thursday night I said I would be doing a giveaway, the first ever on the blog, whoop! That story is here by the way, if you didn’t see it on the day.

I had a somewhat difficult Friday, and an entire day spent at the salon on Saturday (plus other sundry matters), and so I’m just getting to this now.

I got this tweet, and I was so touched she got in touch to find out so can I start by saying she’s our first winner? Congratulations Bukky Shaba! Thanks for caring enough to ask!

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.45.19

Now, I didn’t say what items I would be giving out, but if you saw the update on the items my friends had sent in for me to give out as well, it should have given you a bit of an idea!

I’m giving out books! Books! Books! Why? Well because I love to read, and social media strategist notwithstanding, few things give me more joy than curling up with a good book. Not with a kindle or an iPad or anything like that. So, why not give out stuff that I love?

Here’s the twist though, I won’t force my reading list on you, you get to pick exactly what you want!

So, here are the rules, as dictated by my partner in this venture, @HL_Blue

1. Open the last twelve posts on this blog

2. Pick the 5th word of the 6th paragraph in each post

3. Use these words to form a sentence.

That’s it!

No you don’t have to follow me on Twitter, send me a Facebook request or follow me on Instagram or any of those things. Naaa, you don’t need to.

You do need to be creative with the words you pick from the paragraphs though, if you want to win bad enough!

What happens next?

 @HL_Blue picks out the FIVE most creative sentences, you pick out ANY book you want on Amazon, and it’s yours! The only thing I ask is that you be gentle on my pocket :) There’s a £17 limit per winner. Use it wisely!

Time starts now, and the winners have to be chosen by Tuesday night! That gives me enough time to order, receive them, and send them down.

Who’s up for winning? Go! Go! Go!

Any questions? Tweet me @chiomachuka or @HL_Blue!

There are five other books up for grabs (thanks to my friends). If you want to give out a book too (anonymously or not), get in touch!

1. Preside or lead: the actions and actions of effective regulators by Scott Hempling (3 of them).

2. “Democracy and Prebendalism in Nigeria: Critical Interpretations” edited by Adebanwi and Obadare

“Rewire: Digital Cosmopolitans in the Age of Connection” by Ethan Zuckerman

3. The Message Bible. (I mistakenly ordered two instead of one so instead of returning one, I’m going to give it one lucky winner!

P:S – Please leave your answers in the comments section! Would have said private mail me but I want the process to be as transparent as possible! Contribute to the body of knowledge! Lol (that’s something one of my tutors would always say.)

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So I just stumbled on this post I wrote in August, how I haven’t published it before now is beyond me!

Before I get to it, how are you enjoying the voices I introduced on the blog so far? Cool? What are you grateful for this year? What have you learned? And what would you change if you could? Anything? Use the comments section, let me hear you!

‘Let me hear you’ is something an ex-boyfriend of mine used to say, always made me chuckle, but hey, I digress; plus there’s a reason he’s my ex. Let’s get to the post already!

“Each day is a learning experience, each morning an opportunity to add new knowledge. Sometimes, beyond the things we read or seek out, things that happen around us present opportunities for stories or memories. On this particular trip to Nigeria, a couple things happened and I thought I’d share. Some are funny, some are not, and some others will be food for thought.

It’s amazing what little sums of money will do for people whose circumstances are not the same as yours. I asked the security man at my sister’s to help wash my car (correction – a car a friend graciously lets me use whenever I am in the country) and early in the morning because I had places to go. On my way out the next morning I gave him 1000 naira (just about £4), and asked him to give me my change later. To be honest I didn’t mean it, I just wanted to be able to ask him to help clean the car (and my sister’s) later that evening.

So I got back in the evening and as I was unloading my stuff from the car, the guy came up to me and said, “madam your change”. I was like ‘huh’ but I opened my hand and when I counted what he’d put in my hand, it was 900 naira. I was like, ‘what’…and he said, “hope I gave you the correct change, I used 100naira to eat”. Of course I gave him back the 900. Point is till the day I left, my sister’s car and mine were sparkling every morning!

That incident really touched me, and made me even more grateful for what I’ve been blessed with.

Still on little bits of money buying ‘loyalty’, my buddies Andy, Oche, and Eddie run a lounge called Eden Lounge in Maitama. The decor is out of this world! I especially love the walls, and I don’t drink but Oche is a mixologist par excellence! Kai! Dude can have you drinking your own urine and you would love it, he’s that good! Anyway, so I went to visit (first time at the place), and this security guard let me park inside the compound. When I was leaving to drop a friend off I mentioned I’d be back and asked him to save my spot. When I got back, he had saved it and so when I was leaving I tipped him.

VIP Certified

There you go! That was my IV to their opening night, making me ‘VIP Certified’…

The next night was the official opening of the place, and my buddies had hooked me up with a pass (I think I have a picture somewhere), and when I got there I noticed there wasn’t spot for me to park on the premises. Guess what? Not only did that security guy take the trouble to explain the owners of the cars to me, he had saved me a spot outside the gate where he and some other security guys were sitting! Soon as I pulled up they (as if on cue) stood up, moved their benches, and the guy came over to my window to say, “Madam I saved this space for you”.

Did I tip him when I was leaving that night? You bet!

I love street performances. Always have loved them. I’m like a little child whenever I watch them, and I never want to know how the tricks are done. Just keep doing them!

When I saw the caption for the video, an attack on social media junkies who “won’t carry this video”, I almost didn’t look at it.

But before I shut the page, I saw the Peak milk tins, and that held my attention. So I clicked play. Say hello to lovely music, reminiscent of my years living in Aba, Abia State. The little boy went from high-life, to calypso, and then to ‘Ariaria’ and I nearly got up from my bed to dance! Blame my duvet for strapping me to the bed and refusing to let go! Lol…

I don’t know what excited me more, the passion and concentration I could see on the boy’s face, the creativity and ingenuity that manifested as his drum set, the hours he had to have put into rehearsing, the fact that he was getting some attention (and some money as well), or the simple truth about the music being really good!

I don’t know who the boy is, and there were about 12, 000 shares of this video on Facebook so I don’t even want to think of finding him that way, but I knew I had to share!

Did you like it? Of course you did! Say thank you….

Wow!! So it’s been a month already since I got back? Thank you God for life, love, and all that good stuff, I’m definitely grateful!

Ok, let’s pretend I’m not back yet, or better still, that it’s the last week before I get back.

On Wednesday I spent a lovely evening with @attaswitch, @glamblackbarbie, and @tilishoz at Yogurrberry, one of the many spots in a place called Food City. I had beautifully grilled cod from Fish Place; well marinated and softly grilled so it was literally dripping with juices. The black sauce (native to Ghana) was a nice touch, was hot but I really enjoyed it! And the tomatoes, oh the crunchy yet succulent tomatoes! And they were kind enough to give me more slices when I ‘Oliver twisted’, plenty brownie points there!

Did I mention I met @maihoto (photographer/entrepreneur extraordinaire) for the first time there? Really cool to chat and share our food/business experiences!

Thursday I hung out at Vanity for a friend’s birthday party, and then it was off to Play for my first BYOB in almost 18 months.

Friday was the real deal though, boom! I went (on invitation) to Blakes with Deji and Peter. Deji is a seasoned (as in well spiced) content producer, editor, story teller, project manager (I could go on and on), while Peter’s an environmentalist, a German who’s in Nigeria (for the first time) interning with Heinrich Boll.

We got in, three children of God with dreadlocks (yes I locked my hair again), so everyone just assumed (wrongly) that we would be speaking patois, and it was hilarious to hear various versions with the greetings we got.

Anyway! We had chicken suya (wasn’t very impressed), and then we had grilled catfish. Boom! Was lovely! I took pictures, yep, yep!


By this time the performances had started. I made quite a few videos but we were sat upstairs so they’re a little far away. I promise you’ll be able to see what we saw, and the audio is great too!

Started with this guy doing tricks, lovely!

Then there were two guys dancing; I would advise them not to give up their day jobs, honestly.

Then this impression of Fela that was so cool, it got us up on our feet!

Aha! There was this guy who swung from Elton John to Carlos Santana, wasn’t impressed, especially since his back up singer was wearing knee high boots!

The clincher was the guy who sang Diallo, and then went on sing quite a few of Bob Marley’s songs. We were already up on our feet anyway, so we rocked to it!

And then it was time to go! We were exhausted, but I’m sure we all had a lovely time, and Peter enjoyed the fish! Was a nice way to wrap on a fabulous month in Nigeria, and I look forward to when I can go back to Blakes again!

P: S – Written exactly one month ago (wee hours of the morning of the 30th).

Welcome to the third and concluding part of the ‘That Irish Weekend’ series; parts one and two are here and here. 

Before I go on, I think (read as I know) I would do well as a travel writer, I just can’t help moving around! For me sometimes I think the buzz lies in the fact that ‘oh I’m going somewhere’; mode of transportation, accommodation don’t really count (even though I have a low threshold for inconveniencing myself, lol), the joy is in the ‘movement’. So this is me putting myself out, need someone to explore a destination? Hola!!

Back to my weekend. Had a massive breakfast (whoop), and then it was time to head out to visit St Valentine‘s shrine. Matter of fact, one of the greatest incentives for this trip was finding out I would be able to pray at his Shrine, especially in this month of love! We set off for Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church, and it’s such a magnificent building! Truth is Dublin has loads of ancient buildings, and I’m always, always at home in such places. It feels like there’s so much history in the air, so much to explore, to learn, and to encounter! Found this site with a bit of additional reading on St Valentine

We got in, and I lit a candle, said a prayer, wrote a prayer, and then….. took pictures! Don’t even scrunch your nose or anything, it’s a major tourist site, and how else would I convince you I was there?

Writing a prayer request.... St Valentine pray for us!

Writing a prayer request…. St Valentine pray for us!

Lighting a candle for my family....

Lighting a candle for my family….

Pious mode, there was so much to be amazed by, was just in awe!

Pious mode, there was so much to be amazed by, was just in awe!

This box contains a tinge of St Valentine's blood!!! Awesome!!!

This box contains a tinge of St Valentine’s blood!!! Awesome!!!

View of one of the shrines....

View of one of the shrines….

Not really sure who's on the sides but I know that's Jesus crucified in the middle....

Not really sure who’s on the sides but I know that’s Jesus crucified in the middle….

After a very fulfilling time at the church, we set off to find a place to watch the Nigeria vs Cote d’Ivoire African Cup of Nations (AFCON) match. Went to a spot called the living room but they were charging €5 entry. Why on earth? The day before Ireland played rugby, wonder how much they would have charged then, SMH. We went back to The Woolshed Baa and Grill, and had a really lovely platter of nachos with guacamole, cheese, and chili! Then we watched the match, and the Super Eagles did us proud!!! We won!! Whoop!! 2-1!!

Didn’t make it to the Guinness Storehouse in time for the final admission so I didn’t get to the tour, sigh. I wasn’t too upset though because even though I’m never chuffed by football, it was great to watch our boys play, and win! If we had lost I would have been livid.

I took some pictures outside sha, and like one of the staff told us, it’s an excuse to visit again!!

At Guinness Storehouse, was trying to form vex...

At Guinness Storehouse, was trying to form vex…

Covering my face in mock anger, how could we have missed last admissions?

Covering my face in mock anger, how could we have missed last admissions?

Honestly? Don't know what I was saying here....

Honestly? Don’t know what I was saying here….

Fine gyal!! Bombaclat!!

Fine gyal!! Bombaclat!!

Aha!!! Saw this store, apparently Primark in the UK is Penney's in Ireland!

Aha!!! Random photo – Saw this store, apparently Primark in the UK is Penney’s in Ireland!

I have quite a few more pictures from this trip o, I think at last count they were about 300, but I understand that your purpose for existence is not to look at pictures (lol) so I did 10 per post. Just had to say that.

I’m grateful for a peaceful, extra productive weekend, for finances, safe travels, food, good health, and for privileges I don’t deserve, but enjoy. God is good to me. I must also thank Teju for the awesome pictures, and for showing and taking me around. You rock!

Next trip? Not sure yet, but you’ll be the first to know!

This series of posts cover a recent trip to Ireland, first weekend in February… Woke up and decided I would go, and I did. Enjoy it!

Thursday – had a pretty easy day, made palm oil rice with dry fish from Port Harcourt, was to die for!! Note to the #DearFutureHusband – get it together and show up already!! Need to put some meat on your bones, lol! Bedtime, couldn’t sleep; been having major issues sleeping since I got back from Nigeria. It’s become a cause for concern o, and it’s not like I take naps in the day or anything. One particular day I made the mistake of sleeping for an hour in the evening, woke up by 9pm and didn’t sleep till noon the next day! Crazy… very crazy. Of course the insomnia comes with the attendant headaches and stuff, not good at all… I don’t want to get stuck on sleeping pills, and I’ve counted sheep, dimmed my lights, played soft music, exerted myself physically, nothing helps. My eyes shine till 3am, and then I still get up at 7am the next day.

Friday - was up by 7am, had family in so I had to stock the house. By the way, in my wisdom I only packed this morning, so you can imagine all the rushing, last-minute decisions, etc. Popped to ASDA, and in-between getting through my shopping list and speeding through the aisles, I dropped £90, found out at check out. Nearly passed out, dang!!! Retraced my steps, didn’t find it, so I went to the Customer Care desk just to satisfy myself, only to be told that someone picked it up and handed it in!!! Whoop!!! Whoop!!! Thank you, whoever that person was!!

Reminds me of me leaving my brand new Nokia (Christmas gift from my darling aunty Pat) on the Fastrack A bus plying the Bluewater -Greenhithe route. I’d been out shopping, doing returns from Christmas shopping and getting a lesson in Final Cut Pro from the Apple Store. Was exhausted, and after making a call on the bus, I left the phone on my seat. Realised while I was walking home so I went back to Bluewater and was told to either wait 40 minutes for that driver to come back and/or leave my details and someone would be in touch in the morning. Decided to wait the longest, silliest 40 minutes of my life because I stood outside instead of inside, and it was between zero and two degrees. Driver came back, I told him I lost my phone, quick verification, and I got my phone back!! Whoop!!!

*Note to self – easy on losing things Madam!!*

Back to my trip, Aer Lingus flight was for 1.13pm, it’d take me an hour 30 minutes to get to the airport, and I got on the train by 11. 18am; cutting it so close, that’s another thing I need to stop doing!!

Now, because I was only going to be away for a weekend, didn’t see the need to check in my hand luggage, especially for £12. Thing is, I forgot that all the liquids in my toilet bag weren’t ‘hand luggage compliant’, so I lost them at the Security Checkpoint. A whole FCUK range, plus my perfume, even my toothpaste! Nearly cried, I know how much those things cost!!

Was impressed with the retina scanning at the security gate though, the strides we’re taking thanks to technology.

Aha! So I was the last person to board, and my saving grace was I checked in at home (major shout out to Ace for imprinting the ‘check in at home’ thing in my mind). Once I settled in, I slept. Woke up to a bit of turbulence; we’d been warned earlier but honestly it felt like we were landing (it was that bad), and then an old man swearing almost non stop cos of the rough landing we had. Was almost funny, till I heard that Irish Radio presenters ‘kinda’ swear on air, they say ‘feck’. 

Late lunch at Nando’s (first time this year), got some clarityn for my itchy eyes, made my new tea infusion (will share the secret soon), and then I started on a bit of editing, writing, that kind of stuff.

Just so you know, I slept past 3am!


Ok!! So, the correct progression of my christmas travels is London to Cairo, had a one hour stop over then it was Cairo to Abuja. Spent a lovely Christmas in Nigeria touching Lagos, Asaba, Calabar, and Abuja (of course), then it was time to head back and that birthed the Abuja to Cairo post! Didn’t do a Cairo back to London post (no need, was pretty uneventful) but I definitely did a Cairo post. It’s this one!! Whoop!!

Ok, so following up from the Abuja to Cairo post, I woke up about 7am, refreshed from a long, peaceful night’s rest. Told myself I would have a shower and then go down for breakfast; next thing I knew it was 9am and I was still struggling to open my second eye.

30 minutes late I was in the breakfast room, and the only thing I can say is that Egyptians eat some really weird things!! I can imagine that’s what they’d say about some of our traditional stuff too though; I remember one of my English friends calling my delicious meal of eba and okro soup ‘dodgy’…. said the okro soup was ‘slimy’. Lol!

Anyways, Breakfast was lovely though, and my omelette was on point!! Kinda torn between who does eggs better now, me or them! I think it’s me though, has to be me…

Spent a few minutes in the travel shop in the hotel, and I saw this collage of notes I just had to take pictures of! Hopefully my picture is clear enough for me to ask you to do me a favor, find your home currency, or tell me how many currencies you can identify! Ready? Go!







Speaking of money, the night I got in, I changed $100 at one of the banks at the airport. I didn’t count what he gave me back, and I was so tired all I heard was ‘something something 48 Egyptian Pounds; it was in the shop in the hotel I found out he had given me 648 Egyptian Pounds! So now you know the exchange rate, and I was happy I had a bit of spending money!

Bought two vials of Egyptian oil scents, mixes of Nefertiti, Horsi, vanilla, and something that had a wood/cigar smell, can’t remember the name now. They smelled amazing individually, but the mix was just on point!! I should patent it or something…

My new mash up collection.... Can't wait to start using them!

My new mash-up collection…. Can’t wait to start using them!

We wrapped up nicely because it was a really chilly morning, and then went out on a tour of the city! Went to the River Nile first; there’s a major drainage issue with the roads because the little bit of rain that morning and everywhere was literally flooded! Not flooded washing away houses kind of flooded o, just a level of water above the road. Not good. And all the cars I saw were filthy!

Headed through inner city streets to the pyramids, the best part of the tour for me!! Below are ten of my best pictures; I’ll find time to upload all the rest to my Flickr or something…

Olameday, Hannah and I at the  River Nile...

Olameday, Hannah and I at the River Nile…

Keke napep!! Whoop!!

Keke napep!! Whoop!!

KFC and Pizza Hut... bet all the meat is halal!!

KFC and Pizza Hut… bet all the meat is halal!!

One of the three pyramids....

One of the three pyramids….

Another favorite!

Another favorite!

Loved this!!! My favorite picture!!

Loved this!!! My favorite picture!!

Riding in the carriage!!

Riding in the carriage!!

@Olameday and I!

@Olameday and I!

Our tour guide....

Our tour guide….

Lol!!! Crazy driver he was!!

Lol!!! Crazy driver he was!!

One of the many statues I saw.... Nice!

One of the many statues I saw…. Nice!

Ran into some epic traffic on the drive back to the hotel but we made it, and rushed through lunch. I got royally ticked off by some other Nigerians (babies in adult bodies, SMH), but got it together enough to be civil.

Got to the airport, we were already checked in so I retrieved my passport and it was of to board!

Wait!! On the way to our boarding gate, @Olameday and I couldn’t help stopping by the Haagen Daz counter? Want to see what I got?

Waffles, vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream! Whoop!

Waffles, vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream! Whoop!

Ok, back to the plane now. Yep, I slept, almost as soon as the plane took off.

Cairo was fun!! I pray for them today, that they sort out their issues and truly experience the all-inclusive democracy they desire. Amen.


Remember I said I was catching on blog posts of trips I’d made in 2012? So I know we’re already in 2013 (ending the first month in a couple days sef) but that doesn’t stop me from going back to September 2012, and unearthing this chronicle filled with drama of epic proportions!

Having completed a bit of work I’d been in Nigeria for, it was time to return to ‘Rondon’. Bought an Air France ticket (cheapest at the time), and i remember asking, ‘what’s with BA and pricing abeg’; the difference between their prices and what I got off Air France was almost £1000! *I know I’m getting to the place where I won’t batt an eyelid to buy a ticket bet err, we’re not quite there yet*

Ok, so in the name of the cheapest option I’d booked ABJ-Charles De Gaulle-Orly-LHR. CDG and Orly are in France and I’d assumed that since I was just changing airports, I’d be alright. Momma said to confirm (since I didn’t have a Schengen) but I told her to chill, saying there was no need.

Two days to the flight for some reason I rang CDG and explained my route to an official (I think I’d bought the ticket by then). He explained that because it was independent operators running the transfers between the airports, I would need a Schengen and since I didn’t have one, it would be one of two things: I would have been turned back at the airport in Abuja and if for some reason I got to CDG, I’d be turned back too. What!!!!! The speed with which I got to Sheraton the next morning to reroute ehn! Worked out cheaper too, by N700. Lol!

Fast forward to the night I was to leave. Checked in online, and got to the airport but for some reason they closed the check-in counter 10-20 minutes early. In other words, I missed the flight. First time ever. After we spoke all the English possible, ranted, raved, they didn’t let us check in; there must have been about 12 of us. From the Alhaji who bulldozed his way through security, to the Igbo guys who brought their brother headed to start a Masters Degree programme, to the lady who had tears in her eyes, we all got turned back.

Got to Sheraton early the next day to reschedule the flight, and the only option was to upgrade to premium economy with an additional N119, 230 or wait a week. While I was paying, the lady from the night before came in and when she called someone ( I suspect her husband) to tell him of the cost implication, the way he started yelling (we could hear and no it wasn’t on speaker) broke my heart. He just went on and on and on and on. God won’t let me end up with someone who yells like that o.

All sorted, I got to the airport by 3.45pm (once bitten twice shy) to check in and drop my luggage; was the first one there. As I was leaving, one of the staff called me back and said they’d been instructed to upgrade me to business class. Whoop! Thank you!

When it was time, we boarded, and yes, I cried. Lol. You must be tired of me crying on planes now. Then I slept (very comfortably, lol), and only woke every other hour to eat (I have this thing for food on planes). Any other ‘plane-food lovers out there?

Meal three... *smiling* Don't even judge me!

Meal two.. *smiling* Don’t even judge me!


Fruit and yoghurt…. *smiling* Yoghurt was wonderful…


*still smiling*

We got to Paris, and my ‘economy mind’ didn’t remember I had a business class ticket so I was in the long queue to check in for the flight to London! Let me preach a bit; occurred to me later that that’s how sometimes as children of God we ‘forget’ our place as kings and princes on earth and start to scavenge for leftovers. *sigh*

After a few minutes of standing and almost cursing (there’d been no progress on the line), I saw a gate marked, ‘Priority’. It hit me that my boarding pass read ‘priority’ too and so after chuckling to myself, I went through that gate, got checked in immediately, and had enough time to get a latte and make a call before it was time to board!

Sat beside a lady who was tacking the hem of her trousers; she went into the bathroom, wore a skirt, came out, tacked her trousers, and then went back in, coming out in those trousers!! Correct lady!!

Got into London ok, and immediately started counting down to Christmas, and the trip home via Egypt Air, which I’ve already written about, and can be found here and here.

This is February, the month of looooooove!!! Whoop!!! Of course, the Valentine adverts and decorations have been up around these parts since the last week in January, *sigh*

You know here yeah, we move from Christmas decorations to Valentine, to Mother’s Day, then to Easter, and then to Father’s Day before there’s a break. I like it though, everyone claims to have one sale or the other in the name of these Celebrations. And just so you know, £3 to £2.10 doesn’t qualify as sales in my books!!

On to the pictures for the day, let’s see if we can throw in any love related ones!

Ever been in this position before?

Ever been in this position before? Lol!


@Oche big boy. You no talk say you be doctor

You won’t catch me dead here!


Lucy see your Ex.

Please don’t drink and drive this year, totally not worth it!


Imagine =))

The blind attempting to correct one with 20/20 vision! Lol!



Four tries and he didn’t get ‘Porsche’? Ok!!

And yes, because it’s the month of loooooove (lol…. I have one precious friend like that who pronounces ‘love’ in such a hilarious way it cracks me up every single time) we have an extra picture!! This one hopefully will help your relationship! Look, and learn! Lol!


Ha! Ha! Ha!

That’s all folks! Have a good one! Hugs!