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Erm……thinking of the age of his next baby love?

Before you start on this, this is my first chronicle on this site and I’m really excited about it! And, my sincere apologies for bringing this a tad late; you will agree with me that the past couple of days in Nigeria have not been without incident. And I also do not like to write about things I do not have full information about (even though there are some things we will never understand till the hereafter). Ok, I can hear you; I’ll get on with it already.

Recently I was at a friend’s house and she was trying to instill some discipline in her niece, a perky 12 year old and she said “better stop rolling your eyes at me and give me the respect I’m due, you don’t know that if I was promiscuous by now I would have someone your age.” I laughed so hard that day; it’s amazing what our minds whip up sometimes!

Today however, I am not laughing. Not because I had a horrible day or anything but because I bet that the little Egyptian darling Honorable Sani Ahmed Yerima acquired for himself would be able to make that boast in approximately 13 years, and not because she is promiscuous but because her innocence has been slain on the altar of personal issues like pedophilia, perverseness, and insatiable lust fueled by a contradictory and therefore ineffective constitution, poverty and hypocrisy.

When this story broke, I thought it was one of them jokes because you will agree with me that Nigeria can be very funny. Days went by and it suddenly dawned on me that the 49 year old son of God actually
1. Traveled to Egypt, therefore abandoning his constituency and his duties as a lawmaker (or maybe he was ‘bbing’ the House).
2. Acquired wife/ baby/ child; by Jove I wonder what the criteria for the selection was
3. Brought the baby/ child/ wife back to Nigeria to marry because Egypt doesn’t allow underage marriages. Actually, Egyptian law forbids marriage where the man is more than 25 years older than the woman. 49-13 (or 14) =
4. Paid a dowry (slave-fee) of 100,000 dollars (about 15 million naira) to the wife/ baby/ child’s family. It would be nice to note that his driver in Egypt is the father of the 13year old.
5. Now he’s saying the media attention he is getting is an invasion of his privacy, he’s not going against any law in Islam and the girl is 14, not 13.

Ok seriously, invasion of privacy? Last I checked when you defecate in public you automatically give everyone viewing rights and by God this brand of feces looks horrible, especially when this senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has a peculiar taste for children he swore to protect. A Federal Republic that has a Child Rights Act’ that only 16 states have passed (including Abuja where the wedding to a minor took place) and is excluded in Zamfara State that this Honorable Senator governed for eight years.

The first child bride that we heard of was Hauwa in 2006, she was 15; he divorced her just before she turned 17. Now he has picked a 13 year old. Ok so he says she’s 14, same ten and ten pence to me. Is it me or do we all agree that he is masking a certain physiological defect? Forgive me but I think if you have small pencil you’d rather you had a small pencil case to put it in………and that’s all I have to say about that.

This Honorable Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria also says he’s not breaking any law of Islam. Let’s start from the age old argument; did the Quran actually say a man should marry four women? Apart from the injunction in Al Quran 4:3 that says he must be able to share his love and affections equitably amongst all the women (and says in a later verse that it is impossible to do so), these are the conditions under which it might be accepted.
• In times of war (back in the day, if there were 200 men and 200 women in a community and the 200 men went to war and only 50 come back, they could take multiple wives so everyone would get married)
• If the woman cannot have children (you need to take permission from her to take another wife)
• If she is sick and cannot have sex (over a period of time)
• Poverty (it’s acceptable to take other wives to take care of them if there’s extreme poverty in the land.

So, I agree the little girl’s family is poor but does that make him their savior? I can almost bet little Miss Elady has elder sisters or aunties, why not marry them? Then he says (and I quote), “Our beloved Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was given Aishat to wife, at the age of nine years so I am not breaking any laws”. Ok, even if his middle name was Mohammed, does that make him the Prophet(peace be upon him)? That would be like a Mexican named Jesus hanging on the cross only because Jesus Christ did so (or may be because he is Christian).

Correct me but technically Miss Elady is Yerima’s sixth wife; she’s only number four because he divorced two to make way for her and still be within the confines of Islam. The only problem with that is this; Senator Sani Ahmed Yerima is 49 years old and he’s been with six women so far; their ages and the duration of the marriages is obviously reducing, and drastically at that. How many would he have been with by the time he’s 70?

“The Child Right Act in section 21 prohibits child marriage; that nobody marries a child, whether boy or girl, under the age of 18,”, “Section 22 prohibits the betrothal of a child under the age of 18. It makes our laws a joke if the person breaking the law is someone sitting at the highest law making body of this country (also known as the people who made the law)!

Let’s call a spade a spade and not a big spoon; this marriage is a sham, a crime actually that Senator Sani Ahmed Yerima should be punished for. Only issue with that is a National Assembly that for days denied knowledge of the wedding (when a good number of them attended), finally receives the petition from equally questionable members of the House (because of all the media attention), and then hands it over to a committee to look into the ‘immediate and remote’ issues around it. How many other such committees have been created to look into the various ills that plague Nigeria? What results have we seen?

Wait o, what if we had voted him in as President when he contested? Just asking.

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  3. […] I have written about child molestation, rape and other crimes against minors before, taking time to narrate not just the horrors the children have faced, but the helplessness the parent feel, and the stark failures of our systems to mete justice. […]


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