I’ve lost my rings, I cannot believe it

one minute they were on, next minute gone

it’s the most horrible feeling in the world

I’ve swept, searched, looked up and down

but no, my precious rings are nowhere to be found

I’ve lost my rings, I cannot believe it

looks like they lied although they deny

they promised, they said they’d never leave

not in my bag, closet, dresser or purse

my ring seems to be truly lost

I’ve lost my rings, now I believe it

All these signs, the writings on the wall

I accept, it’s indeed time to move on

I have new rings now, and I most solemnly swear

Never again will I be here.

  1. anonymous says:

    I love ur style


  2. alu says:

    I LOST MY RINGS…actually…sob sob!


  3. hobgoblin2011 says:

    The ring, as symbol, is strongly shown here, as to the almost frantic need to find it but then the acceptance and movement forward. Love the tone and voice here as well. Thanks


  4. p2c2u says:

    I really enjoyed how you’ve used the loss of rings to signify the loss of something less tangible. A love, control, peace of mind, perhaps?


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