This is welcoming me back from a long hiatus; it was necessary, and yes, I missed you too!! The Fairy God Father says I’m a dreamer. He says that I’ve always loved to dream; from the feasible to the obviously impossible, this princess will dream! He also says that I’m a fighter, meaning that no matter what the obstacles are, as soon as I set my mind to something, I won’t stop till I get it or till I become convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can’t.

In the millions of years I’ve been a fairy, at different times I’ve had loads and loads, and loads of dreams (imagine how wealthy I’d be if I had one naira for every dream…..). These dreams have been brought on by experiences, people I’ve met, stuff I liked, or maybe just the last thing I was exposed to before I went to bed (by the way does that ‘you-dream-about-the-last-thing-you-saw/watched/thought before-you-sleep’ gist hold true for you)?

Ok, so at one point I wanted be a lorry/tractor driver because I wanted to have the highest car around and be taller than everyone else on the road when I sat in it.

Another time my life’s ambition was to be working behind a counter at Mr. Biggs (specifically) because I was sure that those people would be allowed to eat all the food they couldn’t sell at the end of the day!

At some point I even dreamt I was Martin Luther King’s daughter; felt really cool to be the daughter of the ‘I have a dream’ guy….till I woke up!

I had some lofty dreams too o! I wanted to be a doctor, seriously. I wanted to be able to save people. Three years of struggling through science classes in senior secondary school and then writing sciences in JAMB taught me that I would need more than dreams for that though!

And then, like every other fairy, I discovered love. My dreams as far as love was concerned included marrying a guy who would be 6feet tall, have dimples and be big enough to carry me around; another time all I wanted was someone I would be so close to and comfortable with he’d put his fingers in my nose! I know….. Suffice to say that my dreams on that are still changing, especially since fairies cannot….

Moving on, the Fairy God Father said that once I told him my dream was to rule Nigeria. He told me that recently, especially since he noticed I had loads of ‘freedom fighter blood cells’. He said that even when I didn’t know if Nigeria had a president, prime minister, chancellor or king, I wanted to rule; to ‘help/save’ people. Funny how we hear these terms an awful lot these days, especially since we’re slowly inching our way to the polls as a people. People just suddenly see a need to hearken to the ‘calls’ and ‘clamoring’ of their people to ‘serve’ (like they’re the best thing to happen to Nigeria since sliced bread)! It’s all the more pathetic because 98% of them look forward to the day they can start plundering as eagerly as an expectant mother looks forward to the birth of her baby. And then of course, when they get in, they never want to step down.

I still have loads of dreams; to graduate at the top of my class (again), to stop eating pizza and sharwama (so I can lose some weight), to be a doctor (in my next life), and yes; I still want to rule Nigeria. Something I found out about that though: before I get there (if that dream doesn’t change), I can control who gets there before I do. I can ensure that only people whose dreams are untainted by greed and lasciviousness are at the helms of affairs. I can add that I have played my part to protect a country I love to the list of dreams that have come true. I can make my dream for a better Nigeria a reality. I can, and I will
Vote (and then)
Protect my vote to ensure it counts.
Are you going to vote too?

  1. Joan says:

    “The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.”
    – Lyndon B. Johnson

    I sure will vote cos its my right!
    I sure will stand up and be heard, cos thats my right too!
    I sure will help make a change ‘cos ‘Enough is Enough’
    Lovely read fairygodsister,and please do us that favour to keep em coming!


  2. hajjo says:

    I am voting. Keep up the good work, this is the only way to bring a change for 9ja 🙂


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