after the bumpy rides! In this picture Debola, Blaze, Amara, Debie, Hauwa and the FGS herself!

Do you do this sometimes; lie in bed at night and replay the events of the day in your head? Sometimes it makes you smile, other times you’re just grateful that day is over and you have the privilege of a gift called tomorrow.

That’s what I’m doing now and I just thought I should run it by you (maybe you can share yours with me too…but only if you want to ok)? And yes, the day in question is Saturday, the 1st of May (my birth month)!

Ok, so I was up at 6.30am (funny since I could barely sleep the night before)! I loaded some stuff in the washer and then gave myself 101 reasons to get on the treadmill.

43 minutes and a soaked outfit later, I was feeling high! Drank two glasses of water and watched 1gospel for about twenty minutes; there’s something about South African choirs that always starts my day on the right note. Made breakfast for my people, hung out my clothes to dry and then barely had enough time to get ready for the 5th Annual HIV and AIDS Conference holding at International Conference Center.

About the conference, do you agree that the level of disorganization we display sometimes can be amazing? Earlier in the week, my organization applied for media passes to the event. We were asked to download forms from their site, fill, attach our passports, get the head of our unit to countersign, and then scan the documents back to them. We did all that and they sent us a mail saying they had received our information and were looking forward to receiving us.

Men and brethren, my colleague and I got to the venue of the conference that beautiful Saturday morning feeling confident and extra sexy. We sashayed to the registration desk only to be told “I don’t know what BBC WST is, it’s not on my list of accredited media”. What!!! I was upset on two levels:
• She didn’t know the BBC? Seriously?
• What was the reason for the bottle necked registration we were made to do if it wouldn’t be used?

It was finally sorted out and we were shown the hall where the conference would be holding. Let me ignore the group of people we saw facebooking on a laptop inside the hall (not even on a phone) and say that we were in there till tea break.

In the break out session after tea, we sat in on a ‘designing and implementing youth focused programmes for and by young people’ presentation done by Fadekemi Agarau, the beautiful lady behind Education as a Vaccine. Let me just say this, I enjoyed it. As for the really silly questions some of the participants asked afterwards….what can I say!

Ok, so I left the place soon after and settled in at my favorite Chinese spot, OX. Debie and Debola (should I have said D2) came soon after and we left for Wonderland!! Speaking of which, Debola and Debie….hmmm…….

At Wonderland we had to wait for the rest of the cabal (Amara and Blaze) and there was the thing about them taking a picture of the signage outside Wonderland just to convince us they were really here!

They came in (with pretty Hauwa) and we went on the roller coaster ride. Apart from the fact that it wasn’t fun for me (I was practically hyperventilating by the time we got out), Blaze (in his wisdom) was tweeting when we were on the ride so…. (you guessed right), his BB fell and he lost his ball(s)!

Audu (bullet dodger and leader of the cabal) showed up at this point with the delectable Zel (fresh from the ‘East’) and we moved (gingerly) to the pirate ship. “What happens in the cabal stays in the cabal right”; meaning I won’t tell you of the cabalians who were praying and reciting different Psalms while the ship was swinging precariously and then bragging when we got off! It’s more fun for me to tell you of the oldish man who sat with us and how I prayed his heart wouldn’t stop! Come to think of it o, even if it had stopped, we had Dr. Zel on board!

We met Leslie, Chichi, Chioma Ejidike (was great to see the lawyer in the making especially after so long) and Folusho (who graciously captured the fear on ‘their’ faces while we were in the pirate ship)!
Ah ha! I forgot the bumper cars we rode in (and the males who wouldn’t stop hitting us with their cars! Somehow I thought pranks by males ended with the advent of manhood but nooooo, not these ones!!!! Any wonder why there are so many accidents on our roads today)?

After that we moved to the water slides and one of us said he was so terrified his name was Terry! And we had to keep him with us by holding his wife… I didn’t call any names o! By the way I forgot to mention the couple we saw on the ‘endurance bicycle’ (for lack of a better name), and the theories on relationships just looking at them inspired!

Then we moved to the……guys what was the name of that last ride? It had a 5 bit harness so I knew it would be the koko! And it was o, round and round and upside down, I was puking by the time we came down!

And then we left, happy, grinning, and very excited! To the members of the cabal who made it, you are ‘bankable’!  To Stanley, Matilda, Nze and the other cabalians who didn’t make it, YOU MISSED!

Moral of the story? The cabal had fun! Seriously though, take some time off to relax. It is necessary; make sure to utilize the weekends you’re not at work (since most of us don’t have weekends anymore)! Be with your friends and share laughs, jokes, hugs; whatever you do, just have fun!

By the way, have an extra refreshing weekend!

P:S – I actually wrote this on the 1st of May this year (2010). I chanced upon it this morning and it made me laugh so hard, I had to share!

  1. eziaha says:

    Cool! Didn’t know I could visit from my phone thru d email link without
    Havin to reset.dig?
    Seriously what’s BBC WEST (!) Phew
    Babes ever anchored a thingy n u had to smile thru ‘interesting’ questions ppl ask when given an opportunity to?
    U sha like to party… Enjoy jare, u (we) only live once…


  2. Dee says:

    Ahhh! we should replay this 🙂 Fellow cabalians, u with me or what?? Thanks FGS memories awww!


  3. Undoubtedly, one of the best article l have come across on this precious topic. I quite agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates.


  4. Debie says:

    I remember with the fondest memories…my cabal!


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