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She’s been described as everything; from songbird to songstress, sultry to sonorous, emotion evoking to even effortlessly earthmoving yet these terms only scratch the surface to the wonder that Lindsey’s voice and music are.

Introducing Lindsey Abudei, a University of Jos Law graduate who’s first, second and third love is music. It would be correct to say that music is the blood running through Lindsey’s veins being the product of a pianist grandfather, a 6 year old choir member mum, and a university disc jockey for dad. Other influences for her chosen alternative soul genre of music include Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack, Sade, Eva Cassidy, Sarah Mclachlan, Norah Jones and Corinne Bailey Rae.

One of those people we would say were created on Sunday, maybe after a good English breakfast and a stroll; how else would you explain beauty, brains, and such an amazing talent? Imagine her defending a criminal in court, and deciding to sing her closing argument instead of just saying it…. I wouldn’t want to be the judge!

In Fairyland, music is everything. It is our panacea; the air we breathe, our mood lifter, the calming effect, the ‘ginger’ in our moves, and the swagger in our steps. Music is the very essence of a Fairy so when I got here, the first time I heard Lindsey sing, I thought I had either been transported back to Fairyland, or the Fairy Godfather had reached into my mind and planted her voice deep in my subconscious (where do you think Inception came from)?

I remember the days at GAP (Guild of Artists and Poets) meetings when Lindsey would sing and we’d all be so awed/sobered up/enthralled that we’d close and go home. After that happened a couple of times it became wise to end our sessions with a little from Lindsey, send us all home on a high.

Ever heard her sing? I daresay you would have one of those epiphany kind of moments, where you suddenly feel you can be anything you want to be, however unrealistic your dreams can be. (#nowsingingIbelieveIcanfly#). Reminds me of the guy at the cocktail at my house who told me he had decided that he could/would make it as a musician after listening to Lindsey do a rendition of the Happy Birthday song for me. By the way, we made her do that song twice, and almost made her sing the National Anthem and nursery rhymes too! Back to this brother, I told him that with God all things are possible but declined when he asked me to introduce them so they could do a song together. What!!! I’m no judge but (and this is with all the love in my heart), there’s still a difference between a dream and a miracle abi?

Fresh from her elimination from MTN’s Project Fame West Africa (which I still believe is a major error on their part), the Guild of Artists and Poets (GAP) held a session in her honor on Sunday the 7th of August at Oriental Chinese Restaurant tagged The Diaries of Lindsey. It was our way of welcoming her back, listening to her experiences and the lessons she learned from being in the house and her plans for the future.

It started with discussions centered on politics (which I won’t go into), and then performances by Lindsey of the songs she performed in the house. There was the Q&A session moderated by Alkasim Abdulkadir and I must say I truly enjoyed it.

What we enjoyed more however was her performance of songs like her chart topping single, Drift Away, All I Want To Do and Apologize (her thank you song with my favorite line, ‘I realize, I am nothing without you’).

The evening continued with poetry from the delectable Hajo Isa, spoken word from Josh, Kamillion, and an auction of the ten copies of Lindsey’s CDs. Another highlight was Lindsey strumming on her guitar and singing with the names of everyone in the room!

It was a wonderful way to start a new week, and we’re all looking forward to the next time we’ll be holding another reception in her honor; probably after she’s won the Grammy’s.  Trust me that it will happen sooner than you think and I should know, after all I’m a Fairy.

Fairy GodSister.

  1. Very interesting Blog 🙂 loved to read it. keep it up


  2. Sekziiii9jaboi says:

    I LUV U LNDZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Plumbline says:

    I am soooo


  4. hajo says:

    Lindsey is a unique talent and a gift to our generation. I deem it a previledge to know her as a frnd and fan, amongst other talents I have been opportuned to know at GAP. FGS thanks for such and enjoyable read, also thank you so much for sharing your passion for MUSIC, it is an inspiration and delight 🙂


  5. Jecinta says:

    Lindsey, hmm- a great combination of beauty, brains and soul……..


  6. […] a year ago I did a story on this brainy beauty who had just been evicted from MTN’s Project Fame (a move I still consider […]


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