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Our Motherland…….

Hundreds of years ago when I was a little fairy, my tutors complained that I had only one flaw; one speck labeled imperfection. That imperfection was me not being able to order my priorities, also known as doing the right thing at the wrong time.

A typical example would be me waking up in the morning, eating dinner, doing my homework, having my siesta, then brushing my teeth in the afternoons and going to school. Of course it would be empty, closed even; I’d get there just as everyone would be having siestas, at home! The Fairy GodFather called it “putting the cart before the horse”. At a point they even wondered if I was a proper fairy but believe me, I tried then, I’m trying now and I will keep working at it!

Now you all know the story behind my coming to earth and refusing to go back to Fairyland so I won’t bore you with that.

What I can tell you however is that if the Fairy Godfather were to land here, he’d most definitely die of shock! I mean, I (even in my apparent state of disorderliness) do not hold a candle to earth when it comes to misplaced priorities! Its almost as if we (especially in our dear motherland) thrive on doing things backwards!

  • We launch satellites when we don’t have regular security cameras and cannot find murderers and thieves running our streets
  • We’re buying jets when the next man almost cannot afford to walk around
  • We earmark large spots for outrageous health facilities when our primary health centres in communities are overrun with weeds, grass and animals
  • We allow our representatives to attend functions in convoys of 16 vehicles when the average Nigerian struggles to afford a bus ride
  • We allocate billions to celebrate a 50th birthday when we are barely a year old in development!

I imagine he would have a coronary if he heard that the light company in Nigeria (NEPA or PHCN) shut down operations in the whole country; can you beat that? Ironically it’s the first time this has happened in Nigeria’s history, a few minutes to our ‘Golden Jubilee’ celebrations.

I’ll stop here but I must warn that  the Fairy GodFather will be visiting by the end of the year; let’s hope we get our priorities aright before then.

  1. Ad Maikor says:

    Bravo Chico…tell them the truth…


  2. leslie says:

    So, herein lies our problem. In some quarters its called greed and selfishness, “nigerianised” to corruption and lack of leadership put ownership in the mix and we have it! You see, no you don’t and that’s the problem. So let’s put it in perspective shall we:
    None of the issues that u’ve raised are necessarily a problem on their own. Heck if u ask me (and I’m only saying). Its all mutually exclusive! Of course we should do the right things first, such as putting in place (not so) basic amenities before we embark on grandiose plans. However that should not stop us from dreaming big or pursuing such dreams should it? Countries like SA have launched satellites to space, have cameras on (white) side walks etc but have they taken their name out of the list of crime nations? Not likely anytime soon. Yes our PHCs are weed invested and anything but health facilities but with the revenue we make each month, we can have them all running in perfect condition with well trained and paid health providers and still donate to the Global Fund!
    Ghana spent millions of pounds celebrating their 50th anniversary, with kuffour touring the uk in pomp and gold! Yes u may say they have a lot to celebrate but if u saw the country’s blueprint for development in ’60 then you’ll know better.
    My point is simple; its not the big plans or expenditure its the decision makers and their minions who benefit from these grand projects that is the problem. As far as I am convinced, we can do anything we want big and small and spend properly too. If only we had any “good luck in leadership with the appropriate ounce of “patience” in followership to see it through. Alas! We don’t have any of both…
    In Babaginda’s time, the then NEPA attempted this sort of sabotage and the General sacked all the top mgt. We had full power supply for 1week. Obviously we have learnt anything from that time.
    Nice post FGS, sadly though those who should read this are all “super dyslexic u may have to find alternative ways of passing the message to them. In that regard I wish u well!


  3. Och says:

    Shi shi girl…nice one. I need to get my priorities right too.


  4. Nas says:

    I totally agree with Leslie, nothing wrong in big plans and all but we also need to set our priorities right. FGS he made a point(forgive me if u r a lady) we need those cows to read what u write, it’s not enough to just post it here. Anyways as usual it is nicely written piece.


  5. hajjo isa says:

    I feel that money like every thing of value, such as resources must and should be prioritized. We cannot under estimate the importance of proper spending and preference in the dispensation or expenditure or money. Adam smith the great economist expounded a lot on this theory.

    I have to agree with FGS our lack of discipline and a proper adoption of spending principles has left 9ja in a mess. It is unjustifiable to purchase 3 jets when a nation has no electricity, adequate roads and safety we can go on and on. Even Ghanaians today look back regrettably over their exorbitant independent celebration the truth is we live in a country where 3 out of every 4 business ventures is bound to fail, where governors and public officers misappropriate and miss use money. We all know some one or are related to people who were once rich or well to do but suddenly most often unexplainable are now poor. We even live in a country blessed with so much but with very little achieve for it self and an inability to care or sustain it’s people with it’s abundance . The reasons for all this lack, suffering and poverty is not far fetched, it is simply a matter of our priority. We should take a leaf from developed countries where every thing is vetted like Britain or America. Every pound is or dollar spent is justified and prioritized talk less of when millions or billions are spent. That is why they are wealthy and able to sustain, build and grow their wealth and be developed.

    N.B I am dyslexic, I think it insensitive to regard the condition in such a way.


  6. Azuka says:

    I never knew the PHCN problem got that bad.


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