Hello earthlings, pardon my silence; I’ve been going through a Structural Adjustment Programme (anyone remember SAP and other programmes like it)? Which of them have been impacted positively on the populace sef? Forgive me, for I digress.

On to the business of the day then, our people say “pesin wey ask question no go miss road”. True talk abi? Note that the saying implies three things:
1. The person must acknowledge that they don’t know
2. They must humble themselves to ask for directions, and from the right people too
3. They must follow the directions to the letter!

That said, the Fairy Godsister’s blog http://www.fairygodsister.wordpress.com is constantly evolving as you know and I must thank you for your comments, criticisms and loyalty so far!

Going forward, the blog plans to feature one guest writer per week. This writer can be accomplished or aspiring, but must be free spirited, able to touch all the angles of a story and MUST be funny!

This is where you come in – who would you like to read on http://www.fairygodsister.wordpress.com? What else would make the blog more exciting for you? Who wouldn’t you want to read on the blog?

So there, I’ve acknowledged I don’t know who you would want, I’ve asked; I need your suggestions and quickly too so we can move to stage three and get it started! Just ask!

The Fairy Godsister…

  1. 'aquarianvixen' says:

    wuld rlly luv da likes of Tyeng Gang*on air personality,kiss fm*2 be featured coz he’s got a gud sense of humour+he’s entertainin.dat said,2 thumbs up on da blog.


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