You definitely are not wearing that
be back at six, hello, who’s this?
eat your greens, sit down, be still
whats your grade, you need to concentrate
who’s that boy, you’re barely sixteen
don’t fight your brother, babe, he’s older
read your bible, say your prayers
I’m warning you, I’m warning you

I’m so scared, can I sleep in your bed?
Really tired too, please carry me
buy me ice cream, a lollipop, a sweet
a new phone, car, cash to shop, I want
my teacher doesn’t like me
that’s why she flogged me
that’s why he failed me
the silly lecturer likes me

many times I failed to see what you did
the depth of your love for me
and so back and forth we’ve gone
played, laughed, and even fought
I’m older now and waiting for my man
Wish sometimes I could clone you instead
all this and more is from a very little girl
to her best man, my dearest daddy.

  1. So sweet of you, FGS!

    Bet you’ll have something ‘juicier’ for your “Scape Goat”, oh! sorry, Your Man.

    *now rolling eyes* [Is DBanj close by? :)]


  2. jesse says:

    hope your daddy visits your blog and and read this it’ll be nice. Remember a letter I was wrote to my mum and dad. After I messses up really bad, sent it to them and my mum still keep it up till today. May be i’ll just ask her for a copy of it. i’d possibly share it on my blog.

    P.s. am an Amateur writer, but hope to be better soon. thanks for the poem


    • He does! Daddy’s one of the loyal followers of this blog, and the ‘Fairy God Sister’ movement. I’d like to read your letter if you decide you want to put it up. Feel free to write another one if you’re not comfortable with the old one; that’s why you are the writer!
      P:S – We all get better by writing more….


  3. Scent of my heart says:

    So sweet, wise word choice! Well done!


  4. Scent of my heart says:

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  5. its funny how many titles this identity gets. there are times when he is the worst thing ever but thats when emotions block your mind from reasoning with intellect. but of course there are the ones who choose to remain worst forever in your life but before they make this decision, they always manage to leave a mark that you atleast cherish about them. the worst man to the best man = the same man. funny thing is, i dont want be a best man, i want to be the best friend.


  6. Jingle says:

    lovely writing…
    keep it up..


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