As children, my parents always gave us stuff to look forward to, sometimes with conditions; for example “if you place first in your class I will buy you a bicycle”, and other times, just for the fun of it, dad or mom would promise to buy us a gift, or take us somewhere on a certain day. That always marked a turning point in our behaviour/carriage for that period; we would become extra obedient, extra helpful, extra helpful, extra clean, pick up our toys, stellar wouldn’t even scratch the description of what we would be become! Watching my five-year old nephew re-enact that ‘overzealousness’ when I promise to take him swimming or to Wonderland amuses me greatly, and I think, ‘jeez, were we really that obvious back then’?

There’s nothing like hope, trusting that someone will deliver on what they’ve said they will do. And even when sometimes from the word go you know those people won’t deliver, human nature dictates that we ‘hope against hope’. Then we get disappointed, feel hurt et al but give us the same scenario and we’ll do the same thing all over again. Why? Hope.

The perfect illustration for that would be me trying to train Izzie, my late Italian Shepherd (14th June 2006 – 19th December 2009) to sit. Every time I tried, saying, ‘sit’ in English, French, Italian, Yoruba, Ibo, even Hausa, that’s when my darling doggy would swear she would die if she didn’t jump, climb my back, or just stand and stare at me. Funny thing was, even after getting frustrated and leaving with all the treats I got her, next day, yours truly would be back at her kernel again! Why? Hope!

Look at Nigeria too, since the elections that produced Chief MKO Abiola of blessed memory were annulled, we’ve been striving (without success) to hold credible elections; you know, elections without Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela and Jamie Foxx being Nigerian!

From 1999 we’ve moved from apathy to hope, to disappointment, and back to apathy. And now, just when everyone is ‘gingered’ to participate in the April polls, the fear that we might be disenfranchised is staring us in the face! It’s been reported severally that some registration centres up till now have still not been manned, some of the officials cannot use the equipment, others don’t have ink to print the data recorded, etc. yet every day we continue to troop to the sites, trusting that maybe today, stuff will go right. Why? Hope. By the way, if you still haven’t registered, where is your swag? If you don’t know the closest site to you, check,,, or; you should find maps, and directions. The registration ends on the 29th of January, so you don’t have a lot of time left!

Most of the time we hope/put our trust in things or people we know from the get go will not come through for us; have you ever stopped to wonder why that God never fails us? He does things we don’t even expect Him to do, yet funnily he seems to be the hardest person for us to hold on to?

How many of us sleep at night hoping to wake up the next day? None of us, because we just know that we will, and that our lives will continue. Do we hope that when we breathe in, our lungs will expand to receive the oxygen and then retract to let the carbon dioxide out? No, for us it just comes naturally. By the way, my doctor sister would be proud of that sentence!

If the foundation of our existence is taken care of on a daily basis by God (and without fail), what is that thing you can’t seem to be able to trust Him for? Sometimes I imagine if it were humans in charge of ‘switching each other on’ every day. Trust me we wouldn’t be having any issues with over population anywhere in the world! I imagine that some people would ‘forget’, and God help you if you fight with the person in charge of your switch!

My pastor talked about not giving up this Sunday, for me it was timely, and just what I needed (isn’t that how the Word of God always is)? He said that sometimes God tells us yes, and rushes off to give us what we’ve asked for, says yes but wants us to wait just a bit maybe because He’s seen that we’re not ready for it yet, and He should know! Other times He might say no because He knows what we want at that time will destroy us. Ditto for my nephew asking to drive the car, not with me o, but alone! I even saw an avatar that says that sometimes we ask God for stuff and He’ll probably be thinking, “you’ve got to be kidding”!

A good example would be Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast praying to God that all the local and international attention/pressure for him to cede power to Alassane Outtara (who’s the rightful winner of the elections) will go away. Are you for real Sir?

Good people, keep your hope alive. The Bible says “cast not away your confidence…..” especially in the One who doesn’t tell you He’s unable to sort you out because He’s too busy, is having a bad day or is on a vacation to the Caribbean’s. Keep your hope in Him alive, that’s what’s up!

P:S – Day 2 of one chronicle a day this week!

  1. hajjoh says:

    You’ve said it all. Most of, if not every great accomplishment has been achieved through hope and belife. We need to cultivat a spirit of zeal and sacrifice in nigeria. Many of us have to go back and meditate on our national anthem and pledge.


    • True! There’s this feeling I get whenever I hear the national anthem sung or the pledge said; it’s an indescribable feeling in my belly. Regardless of what has gone wrong/what is currently wrong, this is our country and we must love it back to health! That is the definition of hope!


  2. Nas says:

    As usual a lovely piece. I truly believe the hope we all have in this year’s registration and elections will bring about the wanted change we all HOPE for. A New Nigeria is definitely here. Amen.


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  4. Plumbline says:

    Okay, some calm waters for the Soul right on d heels of a sad but real piece..y’know, this is why we see that girl that goes back to that abusive relationship inspite of d fact that she almost got killed last time..I only wonder why it sounds more like Rocket Science when God is me


    • I know, it’s only fair to experience that glimmer of hope every now and then, even when we know it’s self induced because the person or thing we are hoping on will fail. It’s human nature…. What I cannot understand is why we fail to have that implicit trust in God, who we know WILL/CAN NOT fail us….again, human nature….


  5. Sholz #croft says:

    Over christmas I walked into a museum and was astonished at the number of people, children on school tours, adults refreshing their memory of their history. Each person yearning to know who fought who and who did what for their country. Its a shame we as Nigerians have forgotten (or don’t even have any idea) what we are hoping for as a nation.


    • I don’t quite agree with you Sola; I think that more than ever before, we are trying as a people to preserve what good we can of our history to pass on to the ones coming after us. It might look hazy at the moment but believe me we will get there. Thanks for dropping by!


  6. temiville says:

    Thanks for this!!! You are a blessing.


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