Ok, so today’s the final day of my chronicle a day for a week expedition. While I will admit that I did not do a very good job of it, I must say I am grateful for the experience, and I will do it again, and get it right then!

Up till this morning I thought I would wrap with a story by another dear friend of mine, but then something happened last night, that spurred me to write, and so for the first time I am posting a poem in its uncut form, just the way I wrote it.


Untamed & Uncut

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I called it truth, and though I won’t give away what prompted me to write it, I’ll just say that sometimes, knowing doesn’t make it any easier. Hope you like it, or it at least makes sense to you!


When I cannot reach you

the distance is magnified

when beyond my thoughts and dreams

a mirage, facade, fleeting fantasy

then the truth hits me


Floss on a candied stick

tingly sensation of sweet perfume

hot drink on an icy day

pleasure from stolen pleasures

then the truth hits me


Fingers plugging, head in-between knees

because the truth hit me

louder than my thoughts my heart beats

I hear it, I taste it, I feel it, I see

of course the truth hits me


I cannot reach you

how desperately I have tried

I long like a body for a soul

Alas! You cannot make me whole

then the truth hits me


Have a pleasant morning and a great week people, I insist!


  1. hajo says:



  2. Jingle says:

    Glad to see you in,

    truth could be powerful or upsetting.
    bless you.


  3. Great writing!
    Sometimes the truth can be staring us in the face but, we don’t see it until it maybe slaps up upside the head! You captured it well with this prose. Thanks for shairng.


  4. Amazing poem its true another person can’t make you whole and its not even fair to place the responsibility for our happiness on someone else.


    • @mindlovemisery, I know right! You will however agree that we find ourselves doing that over and over again, consciously or unconsciously, especially when we think we’re ‘in love’. It behooves everyone though to take responsibility for their happiness and not depend on others, because truth is you’re the only one who can ever be 100% in control of that.


  5. This hit me like a prize fighter. Fast and furious, almost demanding my attention with each “hit”. Well done!


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