This is something I wrote last year, precisely in the 31st of August 2010, then I reworked it on the 4th of September, and finally nodded at it a few minutes ago when I looked through it again, and touched it up.

Thought I should share, I’ll leave you to enjoy it…..

And we go back

to everything ugly and despicable

hoping that on this day the viper doesn’t strike

sullen when once again we are disappointed


we go back

suffering more from the marks on our hearts

than the bruises on our skin

knowing, yet wondering why it hurts

we go back

like the stalk left in the farm after the harvest

we marvel when we begin to burn

we go back

if we could choose

would prefer the thick but soon to be shaved male scalp

to the silky fertilized stable locks of a maiden

we go back

cleaning our ears we prepare to receive lies

then shut them out with our heads between our thighs

knowing that alpha to omega was untrue

we go back

snuffing out a candle with a thumb and fore

we marvel when we are charred once more

and even though I went on and on

we would still go back



Done! I hope you enjoyed it; let me know…

  1. el jo says:

    Chuka, I do like this! Love the repetition. -we go back-
    Ok. I worry a bit about the shift between ‘we’ and ‘her’. And then we and ‘I’. Almost unexpectedly. Maybe u know why. I am not very smart like that. Lol
    This is a very lyrical poem Chuka. I like its subtle(?) Poignancy. Nne, You do well


    • Thanks for dropping by boss; I knew you would spot errors, that’s why I asked you to check it for me!
      I didn’t notice about the pronouns…maybe because I just wrote without thinking, what would you recommend I do?
      And you’re the only one (who didn’t go to secondary school with me) who calls me Chuka. Nice!


  2. hajjoh says:

    Lovely poem FGS my favourite yet. Keep up the good work.


  3. hajho says:

    Very well done FGS. Definitely one of my favourite poems from you. Keep up the good work


  4. Tom Baker says:

    I’m a first time visitor. I really like this poem.


  5. Jingle says:

    fun piece..
    thanks for sharing with poets rally..



  6. lolamouse says:

    Just discovered your poem and really like it. The repetition works well–“we go back” gets repeated because the act of returning gets repeated. Nicely done!


  7. aynsley7 says:

    Powerful, painful, beautiful
    please keep writing
    thank you for sharing this with us


  8. fiveloaf says:

    great effort and ya- i enjoyed it! here’s my wk 38..


  9. Gwenyth says:

    you are truly a poet


  10. Soul Sista says:

    Another beautiful one dearest. We love you!


  11. Helena says:

    That was one fabulous read! I particularly liked:

    “would prefer the thick but soon to be shaved male scalp

    to the silky fertilized stable locks of a maiden”


  12. JL Dodge says:

    new to you too, really enjoyed your work !


  13. Very clever, very clever…it always amazes me why people go back to something that is hurtful if only because it’s familiar….I assume that fear of change must rule these people.

    Please feel free to walk my beach – It’s a different space to be


    • Sherry, truth is I never thought of the fear of change as being the reason we remain with hurt and pain but it makes some sense…..raises a question too: are we afraid to be happy? Do we get so hurt that we become ‘comfortable’ in it?

      And I’ll definitely check out your beach!


  14. Linda says:

    Wow. This is powerful. I think we have all been there – whether an adult returning to an abusive parent hoping for love, or the heartbroken returning to the one who has betrayed them.


    • Thank you Linda, I think it is just human nature for us to think that if we go back to someone who’s hurt us in the past, they won’t do it again. Even when we KNOW they will, we prefer to have false hopes….


  15. teenagepoet says:

    So thoughtful, you have a great voice


  16. scottf says:

    I’ve been in that relationship, more than once… thankfully not so much anymore!


    • We’ve all been at that point in our lives at one time or the other. It transcends relationships though, and affects even our business decisions, our government, you name it….. Underlying principle is going back to anything you know will hurt you….


  17. lunawitch15 says:

    I liked it very much!
    Thanx for sharing!


  18. brian miller says:

    tight…i love the repitition in this…would love to hear it spoken…


  19. This is absolutely gorgeous! It’s haunting, and the emotions run deep, but are quietly spoken.


  20. Very nice piece. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation, it’s pleasantly vague. Good job! Here’s my week 38 entry:


  21. Painful. But strong and well written. You have the gift. Poem on…

    Thanks for your contribution to Thursday Poets Rally. Nice!


  22. Janrae Mendoza says:

    This is pretty nice I like it πŸ˜€


  23. cottonbombs says:

    We’re all masochists at heart, that’s why we go back. That, and for the poetry. Without the pain, there’d be no poetry.


  24. Hey thanks for the mention! I appreciate it! It was right on time, I was beginning to think no one noticed!


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