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This chronicle will be short, and quick, but I hope that the read will convey the emotions and message I felt while writing it.

So I was in a church different from mine today, St. Paul’s Crofton church. I got in a little after the service had started, collected a bulletin, found my way upstairs to the gallery because the ground floor was filled to capacity, and after muttering a silent prayer,  joined the rest of the church in singing one of the many hymns of the day.

To start with, I’ve always loved Catholic and Anglican churches for the beautiful melodies they bring to every song. This one was no different; I truly believe that solemn music has the capacity to heal. One particular song touched me so much, I decided to share it with you. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a choir rendition on YouTube that I liked, but this one you’ll watch works even better because it’s got the lyrics scrolling across the screen so you can learn it if you fall in love with it like I did! The song/hymn was written by David Evans and is called ‘Be Still and Know ‘.

On to the rest of the service. I’ll save you the gist of the person behind us who kept coughing and blowing her nose every two minutes and tell you that even though I had the bulletin, I didn’t read the first page (or maybe I just skipped the part where it was written) and so did not know that today’s service was a memorial service. It was puzzling therefore that the proceedings seemed to be about the dead, people grieving, in memory of, etc. More so because while speaking to my friend and guardian last night, we mentioned how all the happenings around us tie in with the scriptures and the soon coming of our Lord. I remember saying, ‘I have no problem with him coming, he should please just wait till I get married!’ So you can imagine how I felt when the Vicar kept referring to the people we’ve lost, death, and the afterlife.

The Vicar was lovely, the very soft sounding Rev. Bimbi Abayomi-Cole. In his sermon he touched on people dealing with their loss by concentrating on the beautiful memories they had, and the assurance that their dead were in happier, painless places than here. He also talked about the fulfillment in passing through this place called earth, and the privilege given by God to enter his rest.

That made me think (and is the essence of this chronicle); are we fulfilled in whatever it is we’re doing? Are we happy? Are we the reason for someone else’s happiness, or are they praying that we be taken away so they can be happy? If we were given a DVD of what your life has been (so far), would it be exciting to watch? Would we recommend it to a friend? Or would we gasp at some of the things that we’ve been up to?

All of this reminds me of a scripture my mom and dad would read to us on our birthdays, “teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom”. 

After the sermon, we prayed, and then there was the symbolic lighting of candles as the names of the people being remembered were called; it was one of the most solemn moments I’ve witnessed in a long time. By this time of course I had realised it was a memorial service so my mind had settled.

After the service the Vicar called on the families of the dead to come, blow out their own candle, and take it. I watched carefully as that happened. One particular lady went forward with someone (that looked and behaved like her husband), and after she took her candle, began to cry. I watched as he held her close, and rubbed her back as she cried. And then walked her back to their seat so she could collect herself, all the while struggling to be strong, and I found I was crying too.

I had a cup of tea and then I left, and decided I would write this and for two reasons;

1. in remembrance of every one person I’ve known who’s left this earth (rest in peace)

2. to remind us (myself included) that we’ve got only one life to live, and what we do with every second, minute, hour of it should count. In other words, to make us think about what we’re doing with our lives.

A beautiful frame I saw in the church………See if you can read what’s written on it!

Have a most productive week, that’s an order from the Fairy GodSister!

  1. hajho says:

    Well said FGS, may God teach us to be humble, to number our days,to be ever mindful of His love and grace Amen.


  2. Adegoke Adejuwon says:

    Emotion conveyed! it made me remember my dad, although i never use to agree with a huge chunk of the things he said (i guess that’s a boy to father thing), surely i miss him, he was a great guy. The bottom line is for us to be our best and do our best, so when we leave, the people we left behind can look back and smile anytime they think of us.


  3. Iyke O says:

    This calls for serious soul-searching…its amazing how the days fly without us knowing that there is a ‘Black Box’ somewhere keeping tab of every step and deed of our lives…i think at the end ‘How we live each second’ than ‘How many Second we live to see’ will be the talking Point.


    • I agree with you Iyke, I think we all get caught up in all the activities around us that we fail to stop and evaluate what we’ve done, where we are, and where we’re headed. We need His grace…..
      Thanks for subscribing too, woohoo!!


  4. Philip says:

    “To everything there is a season and a time”


  5. […] importantly (and at the risk of sounding preachy), what are you doing with yourself? What am I doing with myself? Are you happy with what/where you are now? If yes, any plans to step up? If no, what are you doing […]


  6. ayeesha says:

    Songs are soothing,hymns are healing,i have witnessed and experienced the healing power of hymns….it was the only power around when my sister need prayers and a miracle recently,so i can just imagine what or how u felt when u heard and sang along to one.
    I have often wondered if my life was a good example for my younger one and daughter. Always asked myself do these kids want to be like me when the grow up? Someone that has helped put me back on track whenever i de-rail.
    Losing loved ones can be so heartbreaking and soul killing,but do u know sometimes it also builds/shapes or molds us into better pple. How? My maternal grandpa was a pastor,so grandma as a pastor’s wife n and a grandma spent all her life praying for us. We the grand kids would always run to her and say,’grannie,pls pray for me,got exams,an interview,problem @ work…..’ And she wud say ok, then ask us to pray to,which we never did. When she did,we all sat down and told ourselves,grandma is gonna,but we still got our knees,its time we learnt how to go on them. Grandma’s death brought us closer to God,made us stronger in prayers,good for our souls,but we miss her so much,especially when we coming from the day’s hustle too tired to even say the Lord’s prayers……..


  7. […] when we lost a baby and an aunty in a week, and after attending a service at an Anglican church; the sermon was on death and it touched my soul. You never get used to death; […]


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