Today has been a good day, at least the most part of it has. And regardless of the people I’ve had to tell ‘kilomde’ (`a la C-Flow) and the minor disruptions that attended the day, I’d still rate it a 10/10! Why? I’d rate it high because I’m even alive to see it, because not only did I sleep well, I woke up, every organ of/in my body is functional, I ate and it digested without any incident……by the way, what do you call a meal you have at 2.24am – breakfast or dinner?

Bottom line, God’s been good to me. I don’t know about you but I see His goodness in every breath I take, in every new day, and especially in the food I eat. There, I said it! You know that God’s food is praise, and it is our privilege and duty as His children to offer up acceptable, sweet-smelling sacrifices to Him 24/7. Abi? Well, my food, is food, and I am constantly seeking ways to bring innovation to the foods I eat to ensure that I get to enjoy the stuff I like, but not need a crane to move me around in the process!

Before I digress, so the chronicle should detail ‘the road to swallow’ which I took today without consciously setting out to do it! Twas’ a typical easy Saturday morning, I was still rolling like a door on its hinges at past 10 (before you bite me I was at choir vigil the night before), till Tomi told me the heating was out. After switching the boiler on and off repeatedly to no avail, I called Accommodation and complained. Minutes later, security came and I wondered if one of the criteria for employing him was, ‘proficiency in electrical electronics’.

By the time an engineer had come to fix it, Tomi had left back to Coventry, I started feeling a little down…..and so I took my speakers to the kitchen and started cooking, blasting tunes from Naija to New York while I was at it. Did I mention I was tweeting too?

Tomatoes, pepper, and onions boiling

Started with boiling tomatoes, wasn’t sure at this time if I was going to make stew or just boil it and keep. Cooking with electric burners reminded me of my days in the university when I used these, and the mortal fear I had after it ‘shocked’ my flatmate!


While I was standing in the kitchen and waiting for the tomatoes to boil, it struck me that I had ogbono in my ‘stash’, and okro I had gotten a sweet bargain on the day before. So, I decided to make okro soup, and the first step to that is the picture you’re looking at to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ok, so what are the ingredients for okro soup? There’s the okro itself, ogbono (what’s the English name for this please), there’s salt, onions, palm oil, crayfish, ugu (spinach), Maggi, pepper (dried or fresh), and then of course, the stuff you add depending on the size of your budget, could be meat, fish, shaki, abodi, isam (periwinkle), etc.

Boiling beef and goat meat....

The funny thing about my culinary exploits today was that I was posting to twitter (including pictures) as I was cooking, made me feel like I had company so that was good.  Ok, so I checked on the tomatoes, inhaled the goodnesshat was the aroma from the boiling flesh, and then added shaki to the boil! Adding a little 'shaki' to d mix on Twitpic

All the while I was listening to music (like I mentioned earlier), and tweeting….. All this activity in the kitchen reminded me of my mom, and a particular incident when I was helping her prepare a meal. We were ‘frying’ the tomatoes after they had boiled and when I complained about the oil splashing on me, she took the ladle and began to stir the paste herself. When I complained that the oil was splashing on her she said, ‘somebody has got to stir it or it will burn’. But then she taught me two things

1. leave off stirring the tomatoes for as long as possible because once you start, you can’t stop (or it will burn

2. The lower the heat, the lesser the chances of the tomatoes burning…takes longer yes but spares your skin the stinging and your clothes the splotches!

Hope you took notes there, those are tips I could charge for!! Anyways, I interrupted my reverie to take a quick look at the soup…..

It's ready!!!!

Yay!!! Now I must thank Tolu Ogunlesi for bringing to me (in March) groundnuts he brought for me from Nigeria in December because they are the reason I had garri in the house today! Funny that I haven’t eaten eba in Brum since I got here…I guess that explained how excited I was while the water was boiling et al. Want to see the finished work? Of course you do!
Fairy Godsister food is ready 'canteen'; come and e... on Twitpic

And that my dears, was the road to swallowing eba and okro soup for the first time in close to 6 months! Woohoo!!!
Done! Felt so good to eat meat off d bone, and taste d '... on Twitpic

Did I enjoy it? Ok course I did! Why would I blog about it if I didn’t?

I’m a very proud Nigerian!

  1. hajjoh says:

    truely 9ja to the core, FGS thanks for representing.


  2. iyke O says:

    Can I say am still salivating….Nne once a 9ja will always be a 9ja never minding the remoteness…Can I say also that you are a gud daughther of your mum to be proud of….cool and savoury groundnut soup or…did i get it wrong.


  3. toyin says:

    I could almost smell the food o! Well done! You are representing us well and having fun at it. Thank you for stopping by my blog, i will start blogging again soon!


  4. @Hajjoh, you’re welcome dear, but I don’t have a choice! That’s what you do when you love your country!!


  5. Haha!…*chuckles*…
    Food-The Love of God made edible!
    Lol…I enjoyed this post…salivated from beginning till the half empty plate…I woulda sobbed if I hadn’t already had dinner #UnabashedFoodie….

    I’m must say i’m enjoying your chronicles. I recently subscribed and its definitely an exciting time working my way through(as you can prolly see from my several ‘Likes’) …
    The fascinating sights and sounds as your remarkable writing performs some time travel stunts on my mind here…lol

    Thank you for a rich mix of enlightening+exciting read.

    Cheers ma’am!


    • Hello Lizzie,

      Thank you so much for stopping by, or do I say making camp on my blog! I’ve never heard the phrase ‘food – the love of God made edible but believe me when I say I love it, and will use it in a post soon!

      And hey, I looooooove food too!

      Seriously though, I’m flattered you like my blog so much, matter of fact I wanted to email last night and tell you to go to bed when I was still getting notifications of your ‘likes’ up till 1am! Instead I was grateful, and I prayed God would refresh you whenever you decided to finally go to sleep!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!


      • Lol..I was hoping you would be asleep…besides, I couldn’t help it…It certainly beats being inundated with comments na and my comments are characteristically long….(I once did that)

        As for sleep,besides the undisputed fact that i’m a night owl, I can also stay up late as my days are free for the time being(Ongoing Asuu strike)…This is not to say however, that I wouldn’t be delighted to get a mail from you….lol…

        @The food phrase,please feel free..I like to think the expression of God’s love is multi-dimensional….I also stumbled across it it on a blog.

        Its been my pleasure ma’am!…Please do not be flattered o…
        Have a great day!


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