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Posted: March 10, 2011 in Blogs from and about school!, FUN!!!, POLITICS?
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So it’s 2.17am and this daughter of Zion still cannot sleep. It’s amazing how I could almost never stay up beyond 11pm back home but sometimes, up till 4am my eyes will still be ‘shining’ here! And I have tried to help myself, even going as far as stopping my late night mocha but nope, that I’m writing this now is testament to the fact that it hasn’t worked!

I think it’s because I have to make a little trip today, that always happens. I’ve found that whenever I have to make a trip, the night before I won’t be able to sleep, and I always wake up like four minutes before my alarm. All that means that whoever sits beside me on the coach/train/plane would be left wondering if I was drugged because from the minute I buckle my seat belt, that’s it o! I won’t wake up till we get to our destination. Except of course, if it’s a really cute guy (not)…that’s not even enough to keep me awake!!

Away from me and my sleeping habits, I’ve been thinking about Nigeria a lot in the last 48 hours, especially because I can’t wait to be back home, and more especially because of the elections that are closer than we think. There’s been a lot of drama around the aspirants to various positions, especially those vying for the ‘HNIC’ office. There have been accusations, and counter accusations, misrepresentations, and I would assume that tensions are running high at this time.

Flag-map of Nigeria

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It’s a welcome development (without the violence of course), a clear departure from the ‘it’s not my business’ attitude we’ve had during the recent past elections we’ve had. People are actually beginning to ask questions, and our politicians are slowly realizing that they’ve got to do better than just promise to build 300 primary schools in 15 minutes and in the next breath send their nuclear family on a 4year ’round the world’ vacation with tax payers money!

It is in our hands now, a friend of mine would say, ‘you have the yam, you have the knife; if you cut and share, we will eat’. We own the thumbs, we have our voters cards, please people, go out and vote o!! Our votes will count, if not for anything, a vote by us for candidate B is one less vote for candidate A, abi? Imagine if 1000 of us vote candidate B? That’s 1000 fewer votes for candidate A! Who said your vote won’t count? Please o, so that you won’t be a ‘weiste’!

Most importantly, we know that evil triumphs/prospers when good people do nothing, these thugs, kidnappers, robbers, ‘riggers’ are our people, we know people who know them, we know them; for how long will we mortgage the future on the scruffy payments we receive to turn a blind eye? For how long? The money will finish (and quickly too) because there are too many issues to sort with it! Why not install the right people (based on their track records, ideologies, integrity) who will sort out those issues for everyone?

Away from my ‘preaching’, I stumbled across two videos recently, and I loved them so much I had to share, and I promise to go to bed after embedding them!

This is a collaboration by artistes in Abuja for Nigeria’s 50th anniversary celebration, and includes heavy weights like Lindsey, Styl Plus, Jeremiah Gyang, Six Foot Plus, Solomon Lange, Naydo, Bem Sar, Pherowshuz, Samsong, Dayo Laniyi Benjamin, and a host of others. Beautiful song….

This next video is a short film that’s pushing the ‘go and vote’ message and features Julius Agwu, Adaora Ukoh, amongst others. I salute all the organizations that have sprung up to educate people on the need to go out and vote, and protect their votes….I’m talking organizations like the Enough is Enough Coalition, Vote or Quench, Cool to Vote, What About Us, and every other organization, keep the flame burning people!!

Bottom line, we’re all better off voting o, and for the right people too!!! I’m off to bed…(praying I wake up on time, I can’t miss my train)!



  1. Atinuke says:

    I am happy to know a few artists are playing a good role with voting. I literally asked our ‘Chuck boy’ star when he tweeted about not voting if he was for real. Lol. However I’ve seen more posts for D Banj feat snoop in 2 days consecutively than wikileaks report on Nigeria and an exposure of fraudulent acts of now politicians in a month. People simply don’t understand the repacursions of bad leadersip. Well, not yet, I guess. Soon!
    # Can you imagine if D’banj endorsed an aspirant? Finiky as it sounds there would be more awareness #muchmore

    Eat some good african dish for two. Miss home.


  2. victor says:

    Good job


  3. iyke o says:

    Imagine if you can feel the pulse from there(BCU) how it will be here on ground(9ja)….there is no better opportunity to lead a bloodless Revolution than now especially when the Politicians of today have managed to show docrum and play with the issues and that the temperature of the Polity is still at the room temp..if we the youths that make up the better half of this nation don’t step out & seize the moment with our vote….I think there will never be another clear chance like this one….I hope we will all rise to occasion to shape our future with our Votes….thank you for this Piece but lets not forget to say a small prayer daily for Nigeria b/c we are standing on a threshold of Change….My Vote.My Voice.


  4. hajo says:

    Here we are, it’s the 4th of April the elections have been shifted to the 9th, 16th and 26th. The people’s collective moral is down. We all are disappointed by jega the INEC and the invisible hand of PDP. But this remains a pivotal time. For me it will take more that a postponed election to quell my vote if for any thing it has inspired a greater resolve in me. In all I LOVE 9ja.


    • I love your spirit Hajo, and I would to God it was recreated in the hearts of all the people who have been disillusioned by the postponement. One thing I’m sure of is that these elections will/must be different, and it is the beginning of the new Nigeria we all seek.


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