There’s a big difference between watching Nigella Lawson cooking on TV, browsing recipes off her website or books she’s written, and actually working on one the recipes yourself. In the same way, only the person wearing the shoes knows where it pinches, whether they be Choos, Louboutins, or Prada. It might help if you’re told about it, or if you research into the ways different footwear might hurt your toes or feet, but you have to wear them to know for sure!

That’s how my Social Media as Practice module feels, because we actually have to do it! And I’m excited, because less than six weeks into the module, I’ve learnt/I’m learning so much! And of  course it’s the small class of people I’ve come to love, it’s LeonieMarkNohaJase, KarenSimi, and me! And of course, Stuart Parker, our tutor!

For the first class, we did an audit of our skills, the aspects of social media we’re interested in, and the things we would like to gain more knowledge about. Now even though I’m writing this more than six weeks after, I’ll try to give you an idea of what my colleagues are about! There’s

  • Simi, who’s good with graphics, audio editing, and has an online portfolio here: skm3.blogspot
  • Mark, who if I remember correctly said something about ‘taking all the glory for project management collabos he’s put together’! He works at and is passionate about creative/innovative ways of moving businesses/organizations/people forward using social media
  • Karen, who’s a techie! She just got done working on the Kathakbox project, and helped the family business out by revamping the website!! Karen’s amazing work is here
  • Jason, warm, really helpful fella, the motivation behind my venture into video blogging! Jason’s here
  • Leonie worked with Karen on the Kathakbox project with Karen, is interested in the business/marketing aspects of social media, and blogs at
  • Kevin! Kevin’s another really warm person (not saying Mark isn’t *wink*), and he blogs at
  • Noha is very passionate about human rights (she didn’t have to tell me that, I know)! She’s run a very popular blog for some years now, and the only reason I don’t have the site here is because due to too much traffic on the site, she’s moving the blog to a new host, and I’ll let you have the link as soon as it is up. She does school related blog posts however, at
  • And there’s me, who’s intrigued by open data, run a blog (what you’re reading), and I’m passionate about my Nigeria!

On the course, I’ve made my first html page, learnt about RSS feeds, increased my knowledge of Flickr (I have an active account now), moved beyond observing to actually video blogging, we played with a bit of photography last week, every Tuesday is something to look forward too…. We’ve even had chocolates in class too, celebrating with Noha and the Egyptian Revolution (gave me my 2nd video too)…

Our task (deliverable if you like) for this module is to stage a social media event (from scratch), and unlike the class of 2009 where they were given a theme and target audience (because for me the theme determined/narrowed who the audience would be), we have to come up with a theme, an audience, speakers, an agenda, everything! Did I mention this event has to happen in April (just spits away)?

To be fair, Dave Harte gave us pointers as per the theme and that formed the foundation for what our event is about now! Doesn’t take away the fact that at some point, I would have given my arm for him to just ‘dictate’ for us to follow!

Our very first meeting was at the Urban Coffee Company, and amongst other things, was the location for my first ‘vlog’! Forget the fact that our major achievement for that first meet was just a friendly chat, and a lot of circles around  the theme…

At one of the meetings, we broke down the class into functional units, all reporting to Mark, our chairman…

Content (research and definition of a theme, after which we’ll all chip in): Noha
Logistics e.g. venues, funds, technical: Mark and Chioma
Media e.g. blogging about progress: Jase and Kevin
Marketing e.g. design, Twitter, FB: Leonie, Simi and Karen

The theme of the event is We Are What We Tweet: Our Stories, Our Truth, Our Power. With each meeting, we’ve strengthened the agenda, we’re still working on speakers, gotten a venue, and now we’re advertising our event, sourcing funding, and handling issues as they arise! We even have an advert for the event, still a rough cut, but we’re more than grateful to Andy Watt for helping out!

Looking back now I must say that having to chart the course our event would take has really been a rewarding experience for the class, and especially for me because we moved from nothing, to what we’re holding now. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve held endless meetings, sent uncountable documents back and forth, agreed, disagreed but it’s all been worth it. If not anything, I have learnt three things so far,

  • Division of labor is necessary – ensures that there is no duplication of efforts to the detriment of other aspects of the work
  • Communication is key – there’s nothing that cannot be resolved (or compromised on) as long as everyone involved talks about it
  • People are different – we all are different and so our approaches to themes will vary; harnessing the strengths in our differences and compromising brings out the best in everyone, keeps us all happy, and most importantly ensures the aim is still achieved!

One of our numerous meetings.......

All you need to know about the event is here,, you can talk to us on twitter via @wawwt, and most importantly, you’re welcome to attend our event! It is free to attend, and you can sign up for the event here

P:S – I learnt to do this today in class so this is me giving you directions to the venue of our event! Woohoo!!

  1. Eziaha says:

    sweets is it me or is this post empty? pls dont tell me i am havin a #blondemoment ooo…


  2. Sylva says:

    FGS….seems the posts been kidnapped o.


  3. Gregg says:

    good piece! like the way you work us through the activities. feels like I was part of the classes. I would have loved to have bullet points also telling what it takes to be ‘a social media consultant’ in summary. 🙂


    • thank you Gregg! Feel free to be a part of the event of the day by following our activities with the hashtag, #wawwt! About becoming a social media consultant, the bullet points would stretch to the heavens!! Feel free to ask me anything though and I’ll be happy to answer, or find the answer for you!


  4. Iyke O. says:

    This will definitely worth a Million quid per hour if it is Prof.Pat Utomi that delivered it in Lagos Business School, you may say am sounding like a ‘Nwanna’ (or Omoibo,like my Yoruba buddies will always call me for always looking to turn stuffs into money/business), all the same you have brought us into your little Circus or even gang that have grown to potential Societal Change Agents…I can imagine what your friend Noha will mean to the Neo-liberalised Egypt or your own contribution will be in our emerging nation,9ja a gaint that can only boost of a clay feet. I think that everyone in that this Social Media gang of yours have been groomed a leader of a sort given how issues were approached very systematically and as a team…kudos and can’t wait to see you guys at the world stage.


  5. Annette Naudin says:

    Great breakdown of the process. How does this relate to any theory on event management? Is the lived experience of organising yourselves and actively running an event anything like some of the academic literature on the subject? Sounds like you are having to work well as a team as well as applying some good project management skills.


  6. E4 PR says:

    I’m happy for you for your social media skills. I helped a friend put her blog and social media together. Have a look and let me know what you think. E4PR.Blogspot


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