For first timers on this blog (where have you been!), BCU stands for Birmingham City University, and Professional and Academic Cultures is a forum initiated by Dr. Paul Long to help international students (and really anyone who felt the need to be a part of it) get used to the academic culture at Birmingham City University, the culture of the new city, it’s attractions, sights, sounds, etc. Previous sessions have included tutorials on writing styles for assignments, places to visit in Birmingham, a whole lot of stuff!

The ‘Come Dine With Me’ event apparently was  Annette Naudin‘s idea but it started making the rounds when Tania Malek posted this on the The Gorgeous BCU Online Media Army (#gomarmy) Facebook page :

For next week’s Professional and Academic Cultures we decided to stop talking and start eating!  

Come along and bring a dish (preferably cooked by you) from your country!

See you all there!!

P.S.1 The concept is based on a british show called Come Dine With Me, where 5 people in the course of a week host dinner and then grade each other’s food! You can find it on Channel 4 to get an idea if you want!

P.S.2 We will not be grading each other’s food unless you really want to 😛


Come Dine With Me BCU Style!  

Monday, March 14 at 4:30pm
Baker Building Room 324

I knew I was going to attend, but I didn’t know what to bring! And the fact that I was going to be at Uni from 10am and the do was to start 30 minutes after the Production Labs class didn’t help the options I had!
Decided to make jollof rice anyways and so I scooted home immediately Production Labs was over (and after convincing Desi to stay) and made the fastest meal I’ve ever made! Fortunately I used basmati rice too so it was a little quicker to cook!
Quick lecture; jollof rice is made using rice, tomato paste, vegetable oil, peppers, onions, spices (maggi, salt, curry, basil, ground ginger….you’re almost free to use whatever you want), and then of course beef, chicken, fish, pork, or even tiger! You choose!
Normally I would parboil the rice, wash it, and then finish cooking it in the mix of all the items listed above but because basmati’s really soft already and I was in such a hurry, while I was boiling it I added the tomato paste (I always have some mixed with blended peppers and onions), added the spices, allowed it to cook for a bit, and it was ready! And then of course I poured in some mixed vegetables to increase the ‘health factor’… 

This is what was left of the whole bowl I took! Means I must have gotten it right!

And so I rushed to the hall where it was to hold, and everyone was already eating! I found a spot for my meal, and grabbed myself a plate!
The rest of this blog post is my favorite pictures from the day, and I must thank Royd Tauro and Andrew Watt for the beautiful pictures they sent to me to use!

Some of the foods on display.....

More food!!

Helping ourselves to some of the exotic meals.......

Showing off what we got!!!!

So, on the left there are Media students helping themselves to food… See the transparent bowl with a spoon in it? That’s pork and potatoes cooked in wine, Tania made that. And I loved it!! I have plans to wriggle the recipe out of her!

Annette, Tania, and Emma sharing a drink (and a laugh)....

Cross section of the room....

Chocolate cake! OMG!!!! Goes straight to the hips! Not like I minded anyway...

And then I got the fabulous idea to get pictures of people with food in (or almost in) their mouths. That was fun……

That's an 'almost'!! The fork had just left her mouth!! Gorgeous Stella!

Canling and Kevin put up their best faces for Royd's camera!! Thanks guys (totally ignoring the food in Canling's mouth)!!

Laura, Desi, and I doing 'justice' to the chocolate cake!!! Yummy!!!

There’s loads of pictures from the event, I only scratched the surface with this post! The rest of them are here…. (courtesy Royd)

After we gorged ourselves, taken loads of pictures, and met new people, it was time to leave!! And leave we did, but not before cleaning up the class (because we are good like that).

Canling, Chioma, Noha, Laura, Desi, Fanny, and Ania....loving the background!!!

This is what some of the attendees had to say about the event..

Noha Atef: “I love chinese food; I got to talk with new people and I was trying not to eat much but couldn’t do”!

Andy Watt: “It was ok”

Dave Harte : “Was superb! I only stayed for a short while but it was great to see students from all the degrees getting together. Lovely food as well!

Desi Velikova : “It was fun and I enjoyed it very much. Loved the food! It was very interesting to see new cuisine to me”

Tania Malek : “I think it went really well! I’m very happy because a lot of people turned up and many of them made the effort to cook food or contribute in some way. There was a lot of positive response from them! I had a lot of people coming up to me asking that we do it again and saying that they really enjoyed it! But I think the best part for me was when I saw my friends on facebook becoming friends with one another after the event! To me it means we really achieved something! Plus we ate a loooot of delicious food we might not have the opportunity to eat otherwise 😉

Andy, Chioma, Noha, Laura, Desi, Fanny, and Ania!

The last pictures above wrap up what was a fabulous day, and judging from the comments so far, the first of many more to come!!

  1. Andy Watt says:

    I feel I should add that I did enjoy the ‘Come Dine With Me’. It was good to meet some new people, find out the French opinion on Lancashire cheese (I know I’m stereotyping, but the French DO know their cheese) and sample some food from other countries and cultures. I especially enjoyed the chocolate cake and Chinese tea.


  2. Royd Tauro says:

    I really enjoyed myself too and we should definitely do it again soon!


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  4. Annette Naudin says:

    I’d love to grade each others food – but i might be alone here…. 😉


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