Today was supposed to be a good day; you know, one of those days you’ve planned for weeks and everything leading up to the day has been going according to your plans.

I got into London yesterday, spent a fabulous two hours with my girl Tomi, and then headed to my guardian’s in Orpington – I’ll spare you the details of that trip, at least now.

Got there, got a very warm cuddle from my guardian’s daughter (she’s adorable), then I grabbed dinner, boiled yam with ‘ugba’ in palm oil sauce… I wish I knew the English word for it, help anyone?

Spent the rest of the evening gisting, replying emails, and then coordinating a spelling bee between a 4 and 6 year old. This is the plaque I got for my efforts

I love you too darling! (Notice the spelling of aunty)

Had a chat with an old friend, cleared the air about some stuff (which was good), enjoyed the uncertainty about the ACN/CPC merger and Ribadu stepping down for Buhari (shame on me for fuelling that rumor), and yes, I finished a Baldacci novel, The Simple Truth‘.

So I had a lovely day, and I went to bed happy, looking forward to the training at Jack Media today.

Woke up early, my devotional dwelt on setting yourself up and them trusting God to save you. A good example would be to knowingly drink poison and then quoting Mark 16:18 (if you don’t know it, find a bible)! You know we humans (or you, since I’m a fairy) use our own hands to get ourselves in trouble and then ask for God’s help. That’s gist for another day anyways.

Training was slated for 1.30pm, so I was out of the house at 11.30am, took the overground to Victoria then went under ground. After a bit of switching/hopping on and off, I got to Covent Garden at 1pm. Now the plan was to meet Karen at the station but it was so busy, I didn’t know where to look! Just when I thought I was going to freak out (knowing my exceptional navigational skills), I saw her! Yay!

So we took the turn into Mercer Street, and soon came into the gates that houses Jack Media, venue for the training. We went in and identified ourselves at reception as post-graduate students from Birmingham City University here for the training. We were told to sit down and we sank into the plush sofa, feeding our eyes on the beautiful pictures that adorned the walls. Time? 1.15pm, we were 15 minutes early.

Five minutes later a lady came down the stairs and said, ‘I’m sorry but there is no training holding here today’. What? I quickly said we registered in February, thinking maybe they were out of spaces. She said that the training was cancelled one month ago. Are you for real? We bought tickets to attend this training early in March! I was gutted! So she said she was sorry, that the person who was planning the event stopped working with them a month ago; ok, so why did we get a reminder from our school even last night? As a matter of fact, that email gave room for late registration!

The email from the Jack Media representative. Note the time...

You can imagine our anger, disappointment, so we were just to take the apology and go back to Birmingham? And then she asked for our email addresses to ‘keep us informed of other trainings in the future’. Seriously?  Like we’re going to show up.

The funny thing was she acted like we were to have known the training had been cancelled, because ‘the staff our school representative spoke with had resigned, ONE MONTH AGO!!! A whole month and no body thought to notify the schools they had invited for trainings? No one gave a thought as to the disruption the cancellation would cause to students, much more cancelling after we had made the trip from Birmingham to London?

Excuse me for saying this, we were treated shabbily, and that is not acceptable. Especially from a company as big as Jack Media.

The Holy Book says, ‘hope deferred maketh the heart sick’; I agree. And no I don’t accept your apology.


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