Welcome to the new month! God is trying for us sha, like play like play this is the 6th month of the year, and regardless of how naughty we are He has kept us in his mercies, shielded us from harm, and made us see yet another month! Can I get an amen church? (I feel a sermon coming on)!

So, I don’t feel as low as I did yesterday, and I’ve even sent the story out to one ‘big writer friend’ to look at and tell me where he thinks I didn’t quite get it right. And nope, I’m not in the frame of mind to put the story out here yet. I miss Nigeria (call me a baby or anything), but I miss Nigeria badly. This feels a little funny, like I miss Naija only because stuff didn’t go well with the competition. *Rolling my eyes at myself*

Anyways, thanks a lot for the wonderful responses laden with encouragement I received yesterday, it is for you I write! Those comments helped me get through yesterday and I am more than grateful! So grateful that I dug out a poem I wrote in January (another entry for another competition) that best describes the way I feel about the place I can truly call home, which is where you are……


loving arms wrapped around me

from my entrance, beginning of my story

told me I would never need to worry

these arms are my home

Patiently you taught, valiantly you fought

sacrifices all made to keep me from hurt

disagreeing I would run, but back to you burnt

these arms make my home

To cook to bake to clean to make

lessons in you, the joys, mistakes

pride fills my heart, this love is not misplaced

your arms are my home

Safe bunker when I was scared

when the tears fell, heart needed to mend

never judging, always ready to defend

these arms are my home

Like an eagle thrust into the sky

I must leave, I must learn to fly

but even when you are far from my eyes

you are, you remain my home

P:S – Even though I feel better, I’m still not up to publishing the story. Maybe I will with the next post, in fact I will!

  1. Azubbie says:

    Thanks. Nice way to start the month….. scary how time flies though….


  2. abdulnasir says:

    You know what’s funny about your little story? And I don’t mean little in the literal sense; I entered the same competition and seeing as I didn’t get the same e-mail as you means I made it to the next round. I can’t help, but be happy. But yeah, at least you won an i-pad, remember? Or was it an i-phone. Sha, you have something I don’t… and now it’s kinda vice-versa. Cheer up, this is my third time or so I’m trying for the Commonwealth Short Story competition, glad to see I made it pass the first round. YIIIIPEEEE!!!

    I hope this doesn’t stop you from posting your story!!! 😉


    • Hey Nasir, you didn’t say what was funny, or maybe I didn’t catch it. Either ways, whoop whoop!!!! Go Nasir! I wish you the best, and pray that you win it jor, so that at least I get to brag that a friend of mine brought home what I couldn’t! Whoop Whoop!
      By the way, it was an iPod Touch.


      • abdulnasir says:

        I actually meant funny about your post, not the actual story itself. Sorry about that and oh I read your story. I loved it, but here’s my unprofessional 2 cents: I read the last line first before anything else, then went and read it from the beginning. First let me say I was shocked at the subject matter as well as appalled by the lead character and for her choice of escapism: furniture. While the story has an ending (one i like), it doesn’t have a conclusion. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from El-jo who drummed it in my head when I made the finals for the AWF short story competition, but didn’t make the top 3 (who eventually got cash) is that when entering a short story competition or any one for that matter, it is important to conclude the story. It is wiser to end the story or rather the dilemma, than to suspend it. (El-jo was one of the judges, that’s how we first met). Your story presented a dilemma in which we find our lead character in, but the ending, though captivating, doesn’t conclude the situation. She’s still trapped and her only escapism doesn’t really take her away from it. There has to be a.) a dilemma and b.) a solution.

        Plus I read some of the stories that won from last year and they all seemed to have this in common. Take for example Kachi Ozumba’s one arm thief. A one armed man is suspected of a crime and is arraigned before a court. He claims he didn’t steal a bag of rice of which he was suspected and explains he couldn’t, because he only has one arm and that the bag of rice was originally his. The judge “agrees” with him and tells him to carry his bag and go. The one armed thief then uses a maneuver whereby he props up the bag on his back by bending down and using his arm and teeth. He is then arrested by order of the judge. See? 1.) Dilemma 2. Solution. But then again this is just one formula to a short story and one that seems most popular.


  3. Jingle says:

    your definition of home is beautiful.

    well delivered sentiments.


  4. I will look forward to it =) I am away from my home country too (though its actually my city I miss), I really miss the mountains, the hippies, the art, the smells everything so I can understand that sense of wanting to return to your roots. What a lovely poem and as Jingle said a beautiful definition of home


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