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I haven’t written in a bit and I apologise, it’s been like 12 days now. Before you say I’m always apologizing (and I think I’m almost always doing that these days), think of the words of our Lord that admonish us to forgive our neighbors not once, not twice, not even a hundred or two hundred times! He says to forgive them 70 x 7 times! Since I haven’t hit that (and I won’t), you best be accepting my apology!

I'm sorry I've been away! Please forgive me!

Now it’s not like I’ve been away without a good cause; I’m happy to announce that I finally mustered enough courage to get the procedure on my eye done! Thanks to the most merciful God it was successful, and I’ve made a swift recovery!

All wrapped up and ready to leave.....Please don't ask me why I have that half smile on, it certainly wasn't of my own doing!

On to the chronicle for the day, I’m writing this from the comfort of my new house! New house in a new area and the verdict is, I LOVE IT!

Typical me (naturally wont to leave stuff till the last minute), I didn’t start looking for a house till the we got the ‘letter’ from Accommodation Services gently reminding us that we had just one month to stay in that flat.

Apart from starting the search later than everyone else, I had a picture of what I wanted the new place to be like and I had ‘sworn’ to myself that I would get exactly that picture. Come and see jonzing!

A few days (more like a week) to the day we had to leave, my flatmate and I were still saying ‘errrr, sorry we don’t like this one’, ‘it doesn’t exactly suit our specifications’, ‘the kitchen is too small’, ‘naaa, we don’t really like the bathroom in this one’; we hadn’t said yes to any agent talk less of signing any contract. In my minds’ eye I was already visualizing the corner of the street we’d have to occupy when we got kicked out!

Let’s cut the long story short; deadline to move was  Saturday the 25th, we got the keys to our new pad on the evening of the 24th (he he he he); it is my beloved house in which we are well pleased!

Moving our stuff made me realize how much stuff we had acquired in the nine odd months we’ve been here and I must sincerely thank our friends who came to help us pack, carry, and arrange stuff; may you never lack helpers in your lives in Jesus name!

So, new house, new room (massive I must say),  new possibilities; new grace for accomplishment, new inspiration (I’ve already found that sitting on the table with my legs on the window is perfect for writing – that’s where I wrote this -) and I’ve been on a high since yesterday! Maybe because I did it on my own, maybe because the flat almost fits the picture I had in my mind (of course at some point we had to compromise), I’m not really sure.

All I’m certain of is that I love my new place, loved it from the first afternoon I saw it. Whoop whoop! Thank you Jesus for my new home, this is all you!

P:S – Oscott was my old street….

  1. Dearest FGS,

    Great to hear, and thanks to God for the successful procedure. Congrats on your new place.

    Happy Sunday! 🙂


  2. Tayo Garbson says:

    You must have OD’d on barbiturate. I am judging from the half smile. Keep the good works coming! I’m rooting 4 u.


  3. Chief Sista says:

    Thank God ur ok after the procedure and goodluck settling into ur new place. Looking 4wrd to reading abt ur thots on the ‘ppl in ur neighbourhood’..ℓ☺ℓ


  4. Iyke O says:

    Thank God for the Successful procedure…as per the new home, it can only be better b/c your path ought to shine brighter….keep having fun my dear…congratz


  5. tee says:

    Thanks to God for the successful procedure. Good to know FGS now resides in my neighbourhood..pretty sure you will enjoy yourself…


  6. abdulnasir says:

    Congratulations on the eye and the home!


  7. Bim Onimole says:

    Hi, i love your blog and the way you write, almost makes me a little shy of mine. However i have to give credit where credit is due, you got skills girl. Well done.


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