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So I’m in Nigeria, finally! I’ve already spent like 6 days now, oh the joy! I remember the Cheshire cat grin I had on my face when the pilot announced we had just landed and to ‘remain seated until the plane came to a final stop’. I was so happy I thought my heart would burst! Did I miss home or what!

Rewind a few days to that, in my normal style of leaving things to the last minute  I was literally shopping till I left for the airport and honestly, when I looked at my boxes, deep down I saw ‘excess luggage’ written on my forehead. Of course I didn’t believe it; it’s just clothes now, haba!

Thank God for my girl Wumi who went to Heathrow with me, Lord knows I would have lost some good weight hauling three boxes up and down the escalators and lifts.  Thank you Wumi!

So we got to the airport, my hand luggage looked ok so we sashayed to the bag drop area. Economy seats are allowed two 23kg pieces, and then 10kg for the cabin. Yours’ truly had 23.7 and 28.5kg! What!! They agreed to waive the .7kg on the first box but the second? I would have to pay. *gulp*

After much consultation with Wumi, my purse, and my debit card, I decided I would justify the fee by filling up the box completely. Of course that brought a new problem, closing the said box!

Close already jor!

Almost there!!! (Loving the color of my hair by the way)

30 minutes and about 6 tries later, God gave us victory! We closed the box, paid the fee, and sent the bags. Next stop? Clearing security. Well first I walked Wumi to the platform to catch a train back into town, and then I went there.

Very vigorous checks, I remember the lady with a baby and the feeding bottle. For them to let the bottle through, the woman was asked to give her baby some of the contents to drink. Trust children to do the exact opposite of what you need them to do, the little one refused, and so vehemently even I raised an eyebrow. The lady was asked to drink and if I remember correctly, she said it was her milk, expressed in the bottle. Security was having none of that. Someone was either going to drink or that bottle wouldn’t go through. She ended up drinking a bit of it (yuck) and they were cleared.

Looks like time was flying, it was time to board in no time, and with joy in my heart, I walked to the boarding area. Saw some of my big friends, said hello, found my seat (next to a rude little boy), said a prayer, and fell asleep!

My prayers for an uninterrupted rest (except by the hostesses with dinner) were not answered because the little boy somehow felt I should be awake (for reasons I still cannot fathom). Was I grateful when he slept or what!

Six hours later, I saw the green lighting on the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport building and I smiled. Home! Yes! Whoop whoop! I had been looking forward to this day since January; I just couldn’t believe it was here! You can imagine my excitement when mom and dad got me from the airport, Oh My God!

So, I’m home, and will be for a bit before I return to Birmingham for the last lap of my study, and to figure out what next I want to do with my beautiful self *cough cough*. Before then, I’m catching up with what’s been happening since I was away, meeting new people (especially those doing similar things), and sampling all the delicacies I’ve missed! Oh yes, how could I forget I was maid of honour (for the first time in my life) at a friend’s wedding this past Saturday? Whoop whoop!

Met up with Esther Agbarakwe (on Twitter as @estherclimate) while fishing at Ibiza.... Was nice meeting you!

My bestie, Yemi, Tilly, and I at the EiE appreciation/catch up meet! Was awesome meeting Yemi finally!

The Fairy God Sister is home.

P:S – In other news, I share in the joy of corps members whose monthly allowance has just been increased to N19, 800 from N9, 775. Way to go, especially since prices of goods and services are rising everyday. I just hope their locations are made safe enough for them to be alive to receive and spend their monies.

I think it was silly that only school children were given the day off from school in the wake of the flooding in Lagos! Is there any data to show that the parents took swimming classes? Rubbish. And I totally hope that the weather forecast that Lagos has four more days of rain isn’t true!

  1. leoniebrueckner says:

    Welcome home Chioma 🙂 When are you coming back to Birmingham?


  2. Rita Eghujovbo says:

    lwkms! Chioma!! Biko bring my share of that “excessessss’ luggage oh! enh.
    Welcome home my sister.


  3. agk says:

    ……And u were in lagos


  4. Iyke O says:

    Nne nnoo…..sadly u are meeting us home at a time Boko haram urchins were playing folklore with us under the new moonlight…..anyway welcome home!


  5. I still hate you… I wanna go home!!!!


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