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Ok! Missed me? I missed you too! Ok, so this beginning is becoming old abeg, it’s inevitable and beyond my power to blog as often as I would love to so whenever you want to feel upset with me about that, please go and reread the old posts where I’ve got apologies. I’m not saying I’m not sorry now o, I’m just saying there are plenty more apologies to choose from!

While I hope that made sense and thank you for still staying on the page, guess where I am now? A little obvious anyways, since my title says ‘’. I can bet thought that if I sampled what you were thinking, I’d definitely find someone who would think Abuja, Gombe, or Casablanca!

I’m in Lagos sha, and I’ll tell you what I came to do in a bit but let’s backtrack to yesterday, and how planning this trip went. To start with, because I knew I’d be coming to work, in my mind I had already sorted out what I wanted to take to wear on the trip. Nice, comfortable clothes that give me that ‘oomph’ (he he he, that’s the first time I’m using this word in a chronicle ever)! Anyways, the only problem was that errr, they were, err, errm, unclean.

So the day before I had a million things to do which I could have whittled down to 500 if i had planned well. By 9pm at a friend’s birthday do it occurred to me that some of the things I planned to travel with were sitting pretty inside the washing machine. I ‘gave myself brain’, said my goodbyes, and went home to start packing.

Was in bed by 2am, an improvement on 4am from the night before. Was up at 7am, out my things together and went to drop some stuff at my sister’s. Bottom line, I forgot my thumb ring there, and something else I can’t even write about because I don’t want to spoil my mood!

Got back home, jumped into the cab that I had averaged the night before (very smart move), and we headed for my final stop I had to make before the airport Tell me that i cut stuff to close. Time check? 8.50am, and my flight was for 10.08am (don’t forget their ‘check in 40 minutes before your flight’ gist). I’ll save you the tension I felt and tell you that I got to the airport at 9.50am.

Snagging my boarding pass, getting through security et al ensured I was one of the last two to board, and I was breathing like a piglet that fell out of a tree! Also gave me a certain exhilarating feeling that I think is the reason I tend to do things at the last minute. Hmm….

I sank into my seat gratefully, didn’t miss the flight (some how I knew I wouldn’t), and the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. Found that a former high school mate was one of the hostesses, was lovely to see you again Caroline!

High point of the day? Meeting Bankole Oluwafemi, on twitter as @MrBankole finally!! Wow! You will recall that Bankole gave me a domain name and a beautiful poem for my birthday, one of the most thoughtful gifts I received on the day! It gets better, in his magnanimity and largeness of heart, he also offered to build the site for me. Banks is brilliant, a very patient teacher, and my respect for him soared in less than an hour of our meeting! Everybody say a big thank you to Lordbanks!


I learnt a lot out of that meeting, from how plugins function, to different widgets I can play around with and modify as I see fit. We also (more like he, with me watching)doing the first draft of what the logo for the site would be. Wanna take a peek?

Anyways, so after a while it occurred to me that if I didn’t get to the bank, again I would ‘jones’. I got Yemi to walk me to the road, and because I remembered about 40 minutes to when banks close, I would have to take a bike to beat traffic. I did, helmet and all, and I loved it! Took a picture (trust me now), and even though it’s not very clear, I hope it captured the excitement I felt! And I have a story about helmets I’ll share in a bit.

Whoop whoop! Helmet and all!

So I went to the bank, did my business (quickly), and even met another high school friend, was nice to see Obianuju! Went outside, saw @Chude and would have waited for him to finish his transaction and then ride back with him (since I was going back to his office) but I decided I was in a hurry to get back to what I was working on so I crossed the road, looked around to be sure no one was ‘following me’ (he he he) then I stopped the most unassuming bike man ever and in a heavily accented yoruba voice, told him my destination.

Journey was smooth, we got there in no time (truth be told, if not for the ‘roast on impact’ steez of the sun that day, I probably would have walked), and I got off the bike, paid him 100 naira, thanked him and started walking away. Suddenly I heard him shouting ‘madam, madam’! In my small mind, I thought he was ‘ready to rob me’ and the presence of a couple of young-uns on the side didn’t help the stories of Lagos I have in my mind so I started walking very quickly.

He called me more times and each time he called I walked faster, heart in mouth, expecting the worst. I was about to start running when he shouted, ‘madam you never give me my helmet na!’ That’s when it occurred to me that I still had his helmet on my head! Jeez! When I heard him at first, I didn’t believe, till my brain registered that that was the reason I thought I had a headache!

I walked back to the now laughing bike rider, returned his helmet, apologized profusely, and with the rest of my dignity tucked between my legs, walked into the office.!





  1. Iyke O says:

    You captured the trademark signature of lasgidi roads: Helmet….nice to know you are around (bugged down with work though)…njoy eko as you race through your work…d baby site ( looked so great even in its embryo….kudos Chioma…


  2. The helmet story is grand and i hate you… because you are in Lagos *sobs*


  3. Babs says:



  4. nzesylva says:

    So i took the peek and loving it….joining the count down. 17 days to the FGS site. Yay!


  5. chigo okolo says:

    Chioma intresting blog u got here.. keep it up! how come i seem to be the only one that hasnt seen


  6. chigo okolo says:

    Chioma this is intresting, keep it up dear! how come am the only one that has not seen


  7. I’m reading through your stuff and asking myself why I haven’t been frequenting your blog, it just cost me about an hour catching up, most of the time shaking my head in shame, nodding in agreement or stifling a laugh cos I’m still supposed to be busy working on that final written address (pray nobody important from my office comes here) Neeways I’ve gotta say I’m very proud to know you and very inspired to go out and do my own bit. Keep it up girl, we will one day get to that light at the end of this seemingly unending tunnel.

    Love the site btw. Counting down with you.


    • He he he! Kalat! I’m excited you visited walai! I’m happy you went through the emotions on the blog, that’s the whole point abi? Thank God for grace to write, and express myself as things happen. I’m proud I know you too, and I feel very great (and grateful) that I’ve inspired you!

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  8. […]! ( […]


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