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The SMAG Conference is here!


After weeks of planning, days of promoting, it is here!

SMAG (Social Media and Governance) is one of the many pronged approaches I’m using to test the impact of social media on the April 2011 elections. What was the rationale behind the deployment of social tools by politicians, how did young people react to being hounded on their ‘fields of play’ by aspirants seeking their vote; what role did social media play in the crisis that followed the Presidential elections, how can we better utilize the opportunities we have with social media?

All those questions and more will be asked and answered by young Nigerians in an hour!

Join the SMAG Conference, tweet with the #SMAG hashtag, and have your say! Starts on Twitter @ noon today, Friday the 5th of August!

Follow the conversation by clicking on the link below, and let’s d this together!

Click Here

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