Good morning!! Did you have a refreshing night? I did! Nothing like a good night’s rest I tell you, and we must be grateful to the Fairy GodFather that we have the privilege to see another day!! Glory to God somebody!! Whoop whoop!

Welcome to the weekend, my last from this location (sob sob) but the most permanent thing in life is change abi? It is well!

I was on Twitter this morning, sharing stuff I learnt yesterday and just when I said I was done and wanted to get up, get ready and leave, I thought about sharing those same things here. I’m a firm believer in learning a new thing everyday, that’s what makes life interesting walai. Imagine how disastrous life on earth would be if the knowledge you have today is at the same level it was when you were 3 years old? Say God forbid!

Of course, new things don’t just come to you (well sometimes it happens like that but that’s not what I’m saying today), consciously make an effort to learn a new thing everyday, and thank me later!

On to the stuff I learnt, they are five points that I trust will help you as you go about your weekend, and of course beyond that. Ready? Let’s do this!

No 1. Being courteous is a decision that comes easy 4 some, takes a conscious effort 4 some, & will NEVER occur 2 others.

No. 2 saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t automatically exchange the brain (& d ability to think) for putty.

3. You determine how much bullshit you take, you, and you alone. Think about it, you’re d only one who can make it stop.

4. Same for bullshit: you decide how much happiness you want in and around you. Again, it’s all you, no one else handles that…

5. If you don’t add value, you will know by the treatment you receive in a place; regardless of your age, social standing, or whatever.

That’s all folks, five nuggets of wisdom (if I must say so myself) that you should carry around with you daily! And yes, have a fabulous weekend! I insist!

  1. MsBukonla says:

    Thank u fairy GodSister 🙂
    I’m making use of 3 (especially),4 and 5. I’m quite courteous already and I can’t be loving strangers anyhow 🙂
    Thanks for this and that pic just made my day. ‘Strategic’


  2. Soul Sista says:

    have a beautiful weekend too and thanks for the nuggets of wisdom! very well said!


  3. Iyke O says:

    Words on d Marble & made for d ages…am in love with No1….followed by 4 & 5 meanwhile, learning continues…


  4. Frank onukwugha says:

    That is quite cool


  5. Iyke O says:

    am kool…hope u had a swell time here in our own location & must have had enough stuffs to share with people in ur new location about us…


  6. Fehintolu says:

    Nice piece, Learning never gets old.


  7. Rashida Tayabali says:

    Thank you for the pingback! Love your stuff.


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