Wow! I can’t believe it’s the end of the year already! Feels like yesterday when I rang Nike Coker to tell her I didn’t think I could do this Masters, and she said that as soon as I settled in, the year would run very quickly. Was she right or what? Cos today marks a year of my stay in England, and yes, I’m done with studying!

On the way out (don't remember where)

I’m grateful to a lot of people, who have been there for me this past year; who have gone out of their way to comfort, encourage, tickle, uphold, and ensure that my stay here felt a little more like what I’ve been used to.

I won’t forget today exactly one year ago now, it was drizzling in a very annoying and depressing way. After a pleasant breakfast, my guardian and I headed to Car phone Warehouse where I exchanged £450 for a 9700 (smile if you live in jand), and then she dropped me at the train station to catch something to Birmingham.

Got to Brum about 1pm, it was still raining, and I couldn’t understand why it looked like it was pm; thought they said winter would start in October? My dear friend Andy Madaki had called me a cab from New Street Station; it just didn’t occur to us (especially me) that there were many entrances and exits. Cabbie was at one end calling me, and I was at a different exit, trying not to panic. We didn’t find each other sha so I caught a cab from the station (at twice the cost) and we headed to uni.

I had called the accommodation office before I left London so they were expecting me, only problem was the cabbie and I couldn’t find their office. After an extra 10 minutes of countless U-turns and false starts, he dropped me, graciously didn’t charge any extra, and left. Don’t forget it was raining, I had two suitcases (left a third one in London), and it was my first time in Birmingham.

I finally found the office, got my key, and then trudged to what would be my lodgings for the next year. Fortunately we’d passed the place and because I already knew the house name, it was easy to find. I got there in three minutes. What did I do next? I pushed my boxes to a side of the room, made my bed, climbed into it, and cried myself to sleep. The evening and the morning, the first day.

Taken two days ago, I love it and thought to share!

I’ve come a long way from that dreary day, various highs and lows, exciting and not too exciting days. I just thought I’d mention a couple of things that one year after, I’m grateful for:

  • My church! The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Covenant Restoration Assembly, Perry Barr gives life to the ‘home away from home’ saying. I am particularly indebted to my pastor’s wife, Pastor Mrs Obileye for calling to check on all of us students in the church, scolding, caring, and pushing us to do and be better. God bless you ma!
  • I’m also grateful for my class, and my colleagues. Grateful that somehow, with a Nigerian, an Egyptian, a German, two Britons, one Irish, one Chinese, an Indian, and an Iranian and American at some point, we all managed each other pretty well! It was wonderful meeting all of you, and exchanging knowledge and our diverse experiences. Big thank you to Dave Harte (our award leader) for handling what can rightly be referred to  a mini United Nations assembly!
  • Then, I’m thankful for my friends, extremely grateful for them. To Nike, my bestie Miss Mangut, Tilly, Alkayy, Big Fairy, thank you for helping me not miss Abuja too much! You guys are stronger pillars than you know! To my buddies on various social platforms (especially Twitter), what would I have done without you guys?
  • To Wumi, Simi, my flatmate Mariam, and the rest of the ‘crew’ here in Birmingham, mwah! I still don’t know what I’m going to do when Wumi and Simi leave but it is well! You guys are real, the realest people I’ve met in a while!
  • This is the part where I thank my guardian for being the best! She really is, and her wonderful family have made my stay a lot warmer! Thanks for a beautiful Christmas last year by the way, I won’t ever forget that!
  • To the finest parents in the entire world, Pastor and Pastor Mrs Chuka Agwuegbo, and my one in a million brothers and sister, Ifeanyi, Nnamdi, and Adaora, I love you guys to the moon and back, thank you! To the one and only Aunty Pat, thank you!

Thank you Father for the grace you’ve given which is always available to me. I will never comprehend the depth of your love for me, your faithfulness even when I am unfaithful, and your unfailing mercies. This one’s for you Lord!

To you reading this, thank you! It’s on to the next one!


One of them sober (but vain) moments


  1. Soul Sista says:

    Loving the ‘sober but vain’ picture! One year has come and gone and now it’s countdown to graduation! Yaaaaay! Nothing like having the right kind of support thru tough times. U got into a new terrain and conquered it! On to the next Sista! See you @ ur next level! Mwah!


  2. Iyke O says:

    Happy for you that you took that step to BCU, we all can only be the beneficiary of it b/c you have been prepared for the Society to serve and be served, and the bonus part is that you are a gud 9jerian and a wonderful sista at that….more than every thing you shared every bit of ur stay in midlands with us….keep njoying yourself….but this piece looks much to me like a hand-over note to the midlands (BCU guys) and looking forward to 9ja..anyways…happi for ya…keep rocking your world, Chioma…


  3. Debie Bestie Mangut says:

    God has been faithful! That sums it all up. Looking forward to bigger and better things. How’s d rumba class going?? P.S God bless you *runs away*


  4. dami says:



  5. YAOtieno says:

    Congrats girl!


  6. congrats dear, may God take u higher. happy for u


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