Posted: October 16, 2011 in POETRY
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the eighties – year of my birth

two – brother and sister, the perfect number

two – Sir B and Izzie, pets I loved but lost

two – the almighty fairy god father and mother

everything I love is in twos

I hear even my teeth grew in twos

twos and me have a thing


ten and two strokes I received for noise in class

Miss Chuka, my teacher bellowed, you’re just an ass

two – number of times I’ve been in love

thirty two things you love about me

six 2 five reasons we think we cannot be

I want to so climb up a tree

twos and me so have a thing

  1. redplace says:

    I really enjoyed this! Thank you for sharing…


  2. Ike O says:

    What a sweet poem 2 set dis beautiful sunday rolling….am quite njoyin some good doses of ur poems FGS recently,…I owe a lot 2 d godfather that crossed his sixty on thursday…a friend and wonderful daddy…d 2half of his sixties will be full of favors,grace & prosperity…xtend ma hearty cheers 2 him, sorry I couldn’t call him,lost his phone contacts I have b4…njoy!


  3. fun way playing with numbers here.

    well done

    you are blessed.


  4. hahaha nicely done 🙂

    here’s me this week:


  5. Kay Salady says:

    Loved it 2 pieces.


  6. Nicole says:

    Quite entertaining!


  7. voiceoftruelove says:

    Hello my fellow Naija sister ;). I like the numbering idea of this piece.


  8. this is so cute and would make an excellent piece to teach small children about their numbers


  9. This poem made me smile 🙂
    Nicely put together.


  10. very creative and fun one.



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