Posted: October 23, 2011 in DAY 2 DAY, POETRY
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I cannot hate you

though you do not love me

and you make it plain to see

for you I am constantly suffering

for you I will keep giving

I do not hate you

I do not hate you

even when the pains from your abrasive violation

are and remain my most recurring sensation

even when with offensive arrogance you plunder

and pillage and loot, embezzle and filch

till there’s not even enough to pilfer

I do not hate you

I do not hate you

even though you are never there when I call

even though my cry for help is never heard

even though my pleas for counseling make you angry

it’s easier to just blame me and my past relationships

and so even when you torture me

I do not hate you

I do not hate you

we are one, unconsciously bound by blood

and I am the way to you in everything

even if you bite my fingers with the food I am offering

if you bruise my breast and waste it’s gifts

even if thanks to you I keep suffering

I can not hate you

My momma taught me better than that!


*Originally published on Facebook on the 9th of November 2009

  1. Ike O says:

    Dis is as powerful as its read, beauty of life is that it gives us choice on how we react to whatever stuff we are thrown at: u can smile at it,laugh it off, cave in with offence, confront it, get low in depression,rage, but d heart I can see in this poem has enough containment to bottle d raging volcanic magma of hate built up by mistreatment…high point of life is in making Sacrifices!


  2. Tayo Garbson says:

    I can really hate you!


  3. lostdogg84 says:

    I go hate who dey hate you finish!


  4. Morning says:

    love it, hatred is not a way to win love.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. powerful words, wow.

    hate is a strong emotion, play with it with care.


  6. Musical, beautiful, hard hitting and sad. Nicely done.


  7. powerful emotions, apt delivery.

    Thanks for joining poets rally.

    come again tomorrow, share early, get more feedback.


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