Posted: November 24, 2011 in DAY 2 DAY, FUN!!!
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Good morning world!!

*now singing, in Bryan Adams voice* Please forgive me, I don’t know what to do, please forgive me, I can’t stop loving you! Followers, subscribers, and friends of the Fairy GodSister, forgive me! I’ve been away for far too long! I know, and I’m sorry! It’s not like I didn’t write o, it was translating the blurb to an actual post that was a bit of a challenge; not because I’ve forgotten how to use a computer (lol) but because stuff has been happening a tad too fast these past couple weeks and I’m only just getting my rhythm back. Bottom line, I apologise. E ma bi nu o!!!! Forgive me! I’m back now, and guess what, I’m going back to where I stopped, and you’ll get my thoughts on just about everything that has happened/is happening, however stale or fresh. K?

This is one of best pictures ever! And no, I'm not blaming anyone for not being available, it's all me!

To start us on good, smooth path, I woke up this beautiful Thursday morning (totally ignoring the fog and blistering cold outside), and after speaking to my Dad and Sister, started playing over and over again a song by my best Nigerian artist. Forget the fact that music is food for the soul, bla the bla, I doubt that listening to Terry G, DMX, or Cabo Snoop early in the morning will be the right diet for ANY soul. Agreed? Of course you agree.

First time I heard the song, late March this year, I cried like a baby! Not only is the artist brilliant, she is socially responsible, and the song came at the right time. Just as we were prepping for the April elections, we needed the boost that this song brought, the hope, and that ‘ginger’ (especially for young people) to go out and perform their civic duties. Funny, but these days I can easily equate the song to our national anthem, because they both give me goose bumps, and an intense sense of pride to be Nigerian whenever I hear them.

Did I mention she now follows me on Twitter too? I can remember how excited I was the night she did! I had just finished blogging (and the song is an excellent blogging companion), and then I tweeted, saying that she, and Eldee The Don were my best socially conscious Nigerian artists, and they are. She followed me that night, and I’m looking forward to meeting her (or working together on a project, whichever comes first), but you’ll be the first to know ok!

I’ll send you on your way to a beautiful start to the weekend (since Thursday is the new Friday) with ‘The Future is Here’ by TY BELLO. Have a fabulous, super productive day, and know this, the Fairy GodSister is back! She loves you, and thanks you for always being there!

  1. hajjoh says:

    Awwww!!! Well come back FGS. Thank you for reminding me about what matters most. Life and activities usually get the best of us But we have been called for greater service. 🙂 well done


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