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Hello you!

Nice week so far? Having fun at work? Anyone pinching your last nerve yet? Hmmm, forgive them k? My mother always said that as long as you’re alive, there’ll always be people to step on your toes; the only place where you can avoid that is in the grave. So, would you rather a funeral (yours) than a few ruffled feathers?

This chronicle will attempt to be a quick one, sort of a pourri of various issues that have caught my fancy over the last couple days. A little advance warning, I might digress (a lot) with this one but just try to stay with me ok?

Let’s start with 34 year old Emma West, from New Addington who was yesterday remanded in custody  for racially aggravated public order offence. She was filmed racially abusing people on a tram in West Croydon on the 27th of November, with language so vile it’s scary. That video was uploaded to YouTube and currently has well over 11 million views, less than two weeks after! Shameful thing is she had a little child on her lap, and it is he I feel sorry and concerned for. Even after been chided by someone on the tram about her language, she responded with ‘well I have a child here with me too’. And then you expect that child, left in the hands of this raving lunatic not to be dysfunctional when he grows up? I pray he’s taken off her, for his sake. She was arrested on the 28th of November, and was denied bail by the Magistrate Court yesterday, the 6th.

I have not embedded the video because I want to preserve the sanctity of this blog and the language she used undermines that. You can however, join the millions who have seen the video here, and if you feel up to it, do a response like other human beings are doing all over YouTube. Then, I spent some time looking for responses from Britons because I wanted to watch/read their reaction. Most of them were laced with words I don’t tolerate on the blog so apt and comforting as they were, they didn’t quite make the cut.

I saw this one though, and liked it very much, even though the guy (@FelanDavidson on Twitter) who I think is Irish from his accent had hand gestures that would put any chic to shame! Don’t even get me started on the rough-necking as well!

Still on the video, let me be a little stereotypical (forgive me) and say that over zealous folks in Nigeria might recommend him for fourteen years behind bars o! And with that, we’re on to the second story. It’s no longer news that Nigeria’s Senate has passed the anti-gay bill. The passage of this bill comes on the heels of British Prime Minister David Cameron threatening to withhold aid from countries that pass laws stifling sexuality. The threat has been branded by quite a few African leaders as ‘colonialism’, with a number of them giving pretty vocal responses. So some people feel that the passage of this bill is a backward step, others have started protesting, holding rallies, etc.

I DO NOT SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE, make no mistake about that. I just don’t support some clauses in the bill, because the wording leaves loads of room for misinterpretation. For example, a part of it says, “any person who registers operates or participates in gay… organizations” faces a decade in jail” which to me is a blanket term that easily affect/impede the actions/efforts of safe sex advocacy organizations (who have identified this as a high risk group), especially in the fight against HIV/AIDS which we are obviously unable to handle on our own.

I am also obviously bothered by the speed with which this bill was passed, when we have more pressing issues. Stable electricity, that has consumed billions of naira is still something we’re now hoping our children will enjoy, rape, violence against women and children, unemployment, a dead policing system, inflation, the looming fuel subsidy and the charade they’ve termed hearings, and all the Senate sees as priority is people who according to my friend @Chude on Twitter says “have no plans of getting married in Nigeria?” What can I say? #NigeriaDecided a couple months back right? We chose these people with warped priorities. SMH

We’ve come to the end of part one; I’m a little too ticked off to continue writing. Would like to know what you think though.

P:S – Emma West pleaded not guilty to the charges against her in court yesterday. Errr, there’s a video of you Miss! Except you’ve been cloned and we’re unaware. Next you’ll plead insanity, which won’t be false anyway.

  1. David says:

    i really do not agree with you when you questioned the speed of the passage of the bill bannig same sex marriage in Nigeria. This is coming on the hills of Britain and America issuing some threats and sanctions to African countries who attempt to do so, with American President Barrack Obama calling on all missions to have a campaign promoting same sex marriage in their host countries.

    With Nigeria as the head of the west Africa region, it needed to lead by example inorder to boost the confidence of smaller African nations against the intimadation of western nations who will make them adopt taboos strange to their way of life because of financial aid that will hunt them at the end fo the day.

    According to the Senate President David Mark “Homosexuality is not part of our Culture” and he couldnt be more apt. Bringing to mind the next issue you raised on some clauses you identified; “any person who registers operates or participates in gay… organizations” faces a decade in jail” in as much as fidelity has been identified as reducing the prevelence of HIV/AIDS, it should be noted that homosexuality is not a Nigerian or better yet its not African therefore the propergators of the ‘B’ category of ABC of HIV should advocate for Man Woman Marriage.


  2. Rita Eghujovbo says:

    Mmmmh my sister. I tire o. I totally agree with your views on the gay marriage bill.
    Lol @ your P:S – Emma West pleaded…
    Interesting read as always Fairy godsister.


  3. Adiya says:

    Wow at the tram experience. It’s funny how people are still such racists!! The anti gay bill, i’m not sure what i feel about it yet

    Muse Origins


  4. Anonymous says:

    I do not support gay marriages or unions, period! having said that, i don’t hate on the people because they are humans eventually though i still struggle with the pictures. The speedy passage of the bill can be from two perspectives; Gay rights is not the most important issue in Nigerian politics so that could wait. having said this, the imposition of sanctions on nations who do not dance to the tune of David Cameron should be condemned outright. Gay rights is not the problem of African nations and that should not be the focus of the British government. So, if the Nigerian senate decides to rub it in Cameron’s face… it is a good move but not just a timely move.
    As to the racial video, we all know racism is still as strong as ever in the world, the British are just quite good at not saying much. This is why they will use references like ‘Bulgarian bastard’ during an argument to insult a Bulgarian instead of just using the ‘bastard’ word alone. If you want to call someone a ‘cunt’ just say that but why say ‘black cunt?’


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