Ok, a couple days ago, I ranted in the ‘Racism, sexuality, and some‘ chronicle. I’m glad to say I’m feeling a lot better! Obviously the issues still weigh heavily on my mind, but I’ll live. It is interesting to see the debates the passage of the anti-gay bill have caused on various social platforms…..the intelligent, unintelligent, and in some cases, the vile.

How are you gearing up to the weekend though? It’s almost Christmas, whoop whoop! That’s my favorite time of the year! It gets better, my bestie’s going to be here as well! I’m doing cartwheels! Plus there are loads of carols everywhere, the German Market in Birmingham makes the whole Christmas spirit more alive by the day, it’s all so exciting! Can’t wait for the day! Of course I miss Nigeria terribly, and hate that I won’t make Calabar Carnival this year. I’ve never been, and I hoped I would make it this year. Well, there’s always next year, and the year after that, and the year after that…..

One of the many trees at the City Center!

I’m also looking forward to breaking the little piggy bank I’ve been keeping for a little while now; I’ll be praying for the miracle of multiplication the day I open it, maybe multiplied by 9, 19, or 900! He he he… I wonder how people feel when they go to people who claim to be able to ‘double money’ often dressed in tatters, found in dilapidated, obscure locations. Why haven’t they improved their own circumstances from the doubling, or are they just ‘humble’? That’s talk for another day abeg.

A few more things that have caught my fancy in the last few days; recently we played around with hash tags on Twitter, this one called  #TakeMeBackToWhen. The idea was to complete the sentence with anything you had/enjoyed in the past that you don’t have access to anymore. I captured some of the tweets that interested me…

I agree, even though the greetings from guys these days should be taken with a bag (not pinch) of salt!

He he he....this one just made me laugh!

What else? So there’s a new record holder in town(read as the World) for the largest church auditorium; it’s the 100, 000 seater National Temple of The Apostolic Church Nigeria (TAC) at the international ground of the Church in Ketu, Lagos State, Nigeria. The construction of the auditorium was started over 25 years ago by one of the senior ministers in the church. Congratulations are in order (I think).

A friend sent me a link on Twitter to something he’d tagged. ‘what I want for Christmas’. The link is here, and I think it’s a pretty decent Christmas list. Issue now is to find someone to give him all he wants! The part that caught my eye, and made me laugh though, I have captured below.

Lol! Hope you could read it....

By the way, the United States Senate recently ( I think on the 1st of December) voted to legalize a bill that allows their soldiers have penetrative sex with  animals. I think it is important to note that they voted ninety-three to seven in favor of this bill. What do you even say to that kind of thing? That means sooner than later we’ll hear that instead of training a soldier was ‘getting down’ with a horse, chicken, or lion! And yes, I’m sure the Nigerian Senate will soon ban that as well, seeing as they have nothing else to do.

Finally, I stumbled on this documentary made by Wildlife films/Distilled Ideas of the production of the award-winning BBC World Service Trust radio drama ‘Story Story’ that I was privileged to work on for spits away from a year. Thought you’d like to see….

Tuned In (2010) from aoibheann.net on Vimeo.

Enjoy the rest of the week, and visit again soon!

P:S – WordPress, thank you for bringing  Zemanta back! I missed it, and badly too!!! Zemanta is a blogging aid that works on WordPress which was recently disabled by WordPress because they had issues with ‘integration’. Me thinks it had to do with money, but I’m over the moon that it’s back! Thank you!

  1. Ike O says:

    I know that ur sole aim is to injure my ribs,I havn’t stop laughing…dat dad was seriously hoping dat d boy come home with a 79 &if he likes, 4 80s instead of a clean 5 80s swipe ;as per all d crap frm US Politicians dat may be looking at their marines relieving their traumatic xperience on innocent animals(a step-up frm’ Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell’ harakiri),I feel dat dogs & other animals training department will now be d most-sought after dept. to join if u are drafted to Afghanistan …. Pls#Takemeback to d days when as kids,we pray for rainfall so dat we can join other easy-go-happy street kids to run around & njoy d natural showers in our peteri* & not fear cold,pneumonia,catarrh,flu,parents, and never want d rain to ever stop (*7-color kid’s pants & Knickers)


  2. eziaha says:

    First I hope ds delivers. I always have issues commenting on your blog…
    I love xmas too…Not my fave time of d year but hey tz a general holiday worldwide so…
    Na wa ooo… Having penetrative sex with animals…
    And these are the people that wanna hoist their laws on us abi… Na small small e dey start ooo…
    I even wonder why u see it from dt angle… Saying the Senate will soon ban same as they are jobless… The first tin I tot was… Great, very soon we would copy and imbibe these same weird sexual inclinations… Then gradually,just like ‘rape and broadcast stuff’, then it would become a lil less than viral, then they would agitate some and take their case to the NA, then NA would ban and USA will run dia mouth… Which z exactly how this gay tin stated… I still insist, it is hardly our culture… And yes there are many oda sins but should we turn our eyes when we can actually nip some that have the propensity to cascade into something worse… I don’t dig our Naija politicians! I’m not even saying they did d best with this gay tin… Esp the number of years… And I don’t have anytin against the Gays jor…I have a few gay friends…
    Abeggi, our Country, Our Laws!!! USA and the ilks should pull a seat, and popcorn while at it… And keep dia AID which has so much strings attached anyways…
    I need to vent too… A blog post would do


  3. USA has passed that laws with the hopes that the world will follow suit. If a section of the world catches on to this, there would be the need to arm twist other nations into doing same. Do you think it makes sense? No it doesn’t but that is the neo-colonial world we live in.


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