Posted: December 15, 2011 in DAY 2 DAY, FUN!!!, His Word

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December! A full year! And we’re still here!

From when I was a child, my mom ingrained in all of us that we had a lot to be thankful for. Even when it seemed like stuff was going/had gone south, not only would she remind us that there were people who were worse off, but we had the assurance that we would get through. After all, God said in that “there is no temptation”. And honestly, he always made a way of escape. Every single time. We were never overwhelmed. When it looked like we had hit rock bottom (I captured an aspect of that in my ‘My Unending Miracle’ chronicle), He made a way out for us. And I’m grateful, eternally grateful.

What is there not to be grateful for? I’ve got the best family on earth, nuclear and extended! God’s been good to us; we’ve had loads of weddings, births, and reasons to celebrate, confirming His word about ‘setting the solitary up in families’ (Psalm 68:6). Everyone is doing well; He has prospered us, and comforted us in times of sorrow. How do we thank Him for waking us up every single day, without fail? What if He ‘forgot’ one random day? Or if us humans were put in charge of waking the next person? God have mercy on you if you pissed off the person supposed to turn on your switch the next day! And you know we humans can be very vindictive.

More than ever, every day I’m grateful I don’t have any disability. I’ll always be grateful for that. Truth is, it is God’s mercies o! If you doubt me, have you ever wondered about all these diseases/illnesses that you don’t necessarily have any causative factors but just happen anyway? All them ‘one in twenty people will suffer so and so in their lifetime’? Why wasn’t I that one person? Why wasn’t it you? I’ll tell you another truth, albeit a very sad one; regardless of how accessible or accommodating the society you live in or the people you live with are, a disability is what it is. So I submit, it is of His mercies that I haven’t been consumed! Thank you Jesus!

I’ve been ill a couple of times this year, but I’ve always gotten better. People die everyday from colds, malaria, and other like illnesses I’ve come back from. I think back at May, when I got a procedure done on my left eye. Not a scar, and my eyes are fine! Ladies and gentlemen, God’s been good!

Do I talk about journey mercies He gives everyday? We go out, come back, there’s no evil report. He keeps us safe from evil, doesn’t allow the devil take advantage of the mistakes we’ve made, we are kept secure by His grace. And in these days of Boko Haram, random devilish explosions here and there, kidnappings, robberies, He’s kept us safe. Don’t take it for granted o, especially since we’re not more righteous or better placed than the ones who’ve passed on. What else can you call this testimony by my dear friend Mina?

Thank you for your mercies Jesus, this could only be you!

Christmas is here again, and for me this is the season to be thankful.In all the merriment, feasting et al, take a few minutes each day to reflect, and be  thankful for where you are. You might not be where you want to be (yet), might not have all the millions you want (yet), but you’re not where you were at the beginning of the year. That’s a lot to be grateful for, ladies and gentlemen.

My submission? For where I was, where I am now, and the glorious heights ahead of me, I am thankful!

That's my 'thankful' face!

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  2. That’s a cute,winsome thankful face!…
    Cultivating an attitude o’gratitude does become you… A thankful heart does enjoy a beautiful life…I once participated in a 31 day gratitude journal challenge
    Suffice it to say it was uber-fab and enriching…..what’s more?we are called to speak the dialect of #Thanksgiving…(Eph 5:4 msg version)
    When you consciously decide to be #grateful,you inevitably find yourself inundated with more reasons to be thankful



    • We complain that we don’t have this or that, and that stuff isn’t happening the way we’ve planned. If only we know what we’ve been delivered from on a daily basis, the victories we don’t see, the ‘normal’ things that God makes happen for us?

      I don’t even know what inspired that but I’m learning to be grateful for the smallest things these days…


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