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So this post is three days late, but I said I wouldn’t change anything to accommodate that. Below you’ll find it exactly as it was when I first wrote it! Why? Because it is the thought that counts!

Merry Christmas earthlings! It’s the 25th day of December 2011, also known and celebrated worldwide as Christmas Day! (That’s just in case you thought it was Easter or Thanksgiving, lol). It is on this day the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is celebrated around the world, and is a day of joy, peace, merriment, and most importantly, a day for reflection on the reason why He came. Let’s try not to drown the reason why He came in food, drinks, and merry-making.

I wrote a little something on the day, and read it in church….. enjoy..

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what is Christmas?

new clothes, shoes, watches

food, drink, gifts, clutches,

all building up to the day


what is Christmas?

the birth of one so dear

without sin but bore without fear

Lamb, precious Lamb of God


what is Christmas?

partying, music, loud celebration

casting aside the king of creation

is that why He came?


sharing love, hugs and kisses

lifting brethren out of ditches

consecration, dedication, service to Jesus

this is Christmas


Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!


N:B – Guess who’s here to spend Christmas with me? It’s none other than my besto, the delectable Miss Mangut! @debiemangut on Twitter, she’s such wonderful company, a great friend, and the best bestie anyone could ask for!

At the cinema to see 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'.....


    YES! Dis is actually d meaning of Christmas! A period of SOBER-REFLECTION & RE-DEDICATION! Compliments!


  2. Tosin Arowolo says:

    Nice Article!Merry Christmas Chioma,Btw this dress is £69 at #shoppingthings#


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