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In the last three weeks, if I had a dollar for every time I heard the word ‘occupy’, walai I would have bought my own island by now, complete with its inhabitants. Even people with no inkling whatsoever as to what was being occupied, where the ‘occupation’ (lol) was taking place, why, and even how it was happening, took pride in the word, and maybe even mouthed it the loudest.

Fast forward a couple days, many nocturnal meetings after. The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) accepted the reduction of the pump price of fuel from N141 to N97, and then called off the strike. I was very disappointed in that resolution because it made a mockery of the time and energy expended on the protests inside and outside the country; plus on the surface it also appeared that the people who lost their lives on the altar of the strike died in vain. But then again, I kind of expected it. Isn’t it the NLC we know?

On another level though, I think that the protests were not in vain. What we lost in failing to reverse the subsidy removal, we gained in unity, which perhaps is one of the greatest things ever. We gained in looking out for each other; realizing that the enemy is not the next man with a different religion/ethnic background, but a system and its handlers who say they want to serve us but then rule with an iron fist and no conscience. Without meaning to be dramatic, the protests in Kano where we all saw pictures of Muslims watching over Christians and vice versa when they were praying, the Sunday when CAN and the Islamic Council went around churches in Kano as well….. what else have we been asking for?

And then we heard that the bomber responsible for the dastardly attack on a church in Madalla, Niger State on Christmas day that left scores dead and many more injured, escaped from detention. The rate at which we misplace priorities in this country is scary. So you punk the entire country, telling us you’ll address the nation by 9pm on the 15th of January and you don’t, (and without any apology whatsoever) and then by the next day you’ve rolled out the army to clamp down on protesters who have been peaceful, contravening their rights as humans to assemble. While all this is going on, someone who was single-handedly or in collusion with others responsible for the deaths of Nigerians escapes? How did he escape?  How stupid does this government think we are? *sigh*

Most disgraceful is that while you have the army out on the streets in Lagos state, Boko Haram turns Kano, Bauchi, and Yobe States into mourning parlors! For God’s sakes the amount of explosions in Kano state in one night were between 15 to 20! Are we at war? What the hell is going on? The part I will never understand is the effrontery with which this agents of the devil ‘claim responsibility’ for the bombings. The brazen stance they wear, encouraged by a toothless government with priorities as warped as a two-year olds. Do they deliver their statements to the media via post? Over the phone? In person? Can’t their numbers be traced? Can’t they be found? Is that so difficult? And no Mr President, you don’t score any points for visiting Kano! Where’s decisive action when we need it?

Again (one time too many I must say), my heart goes out to everyone who’s lost a brother, sister, father, mother, relation, friend, or enemy in the attacks of the past weekend. May God in His infinite mercies comfort your families, and somehow strengthen you all, amen. I speak peace to our nation, and decree that by the Blood of Jesus every worker of iniquity, any one profiting from this mayhem will himself and his family be visited by quick destruction, in Jesus name. AMEN.

Today’s post is all about ‘occupation’. Not of Wall Street (which in these times can be listed as the birth place of the word), not London but my very own Nigeria. This post is different though; here the pictures do all the ‘occupying’. I searched for images using #OccupyNigeria and the pictures below appealed to me the most.

courtesy voiceofnigeria.org


I don't know where this originated from, but it was at the heart of the protests, especially on social media

This is another picture that was at the heart of the protests.....couldn't find its origin too...

                                                                          Courtesy @i_blend

One of the billboards on display at the London Protests...

Courtesy campusheathq.com

courtesy storyful.

Got this one off Twitter; if you know what 'waka' means, yes that's what they were telling the choppers circling over the grounds where they were protesting!

P:S – I have tried to credit original sources where possible and/or the website I found the pictures on. If however you feel there’s an error please get in touch and I’ll make the correction. Thanks!

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  1. sokleva says:

    Beautiful and to the point. well worded with the usual sprinkling of Chiomanese. Great one Platy.


  2. Well said!!!

    infact i tweeted that alot of us had become members of Mensa just becos of Fuel Subsidy and Occupy..we are all smart and in the know..lol.

    but we all Occupied!!! Knowingly and Unknowingly


  3. Plumbtifex says:

    Apt! So apt! I join you in prayers for the Comforter (to d bereaved) and THE JUDGE (to the Perpetrators) Amen


  4. Soul Sista says:

    Dear Fairy God Sister,another excellent one! I can’t get over the politician cat picture! It’s hilarious! And the ‘waka’ one. I heard of it but never saw it. Ur ryt abt no points to the President for visiting Kano. BH turning the north in a huge mouring parlour and govt is more concerned abt hw an AC state is holding rallies and hw is cld harm their image (my opinion). I mourn with all my friends from Kano…infact I mourn with all Nigerians! God help ur children! We need you Lord!


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