Late last year I was discussing with a very dear friend;  you know those discussions that stretch far into the night, and range from politics, to education, to romance, back to politics, family, etc. An aside, it is to the arms of these friends we run when we are scared, confused, or in need of reassurance.

That night, in response to a question I raised about not being sure of having God’s ear every time I prayed, my buddy gave me this analogy he had himself received from a friend.

He said that christians from the beginning of time don’t really grasp the greatness of out God. We don’t really comprehend how big He is, how much bigger He is than us. Consequently, we underestimate Him. We don’t believe he can sort out our issues. maybe we do, when we’re screaming ‘Amen’ with he saints at church. But when we get home, in our secret places, when the rubber hits the road, we don’t believe He can come through for us. Somehow we believe that God created the world and everything in it in seven days, we believe He is ‘Jehovah Everything’ but at the same time we just fear that maybe our problems are too much for God. “Is there anything too hard for God“? – Jeremiah 32: 27, Genesis 18:14.

A direct consequence of that fear is that we don’t dream big. We try to ask for little things from God either because we don’t want to be disappointed (if our prayers go unanswered) or because we let the devil fill our head with the age-old lie that God won’t hear us because we’ve sinned or are unrighteous. Wait a minute… Do you think God loves us because we’re ‘righteous’? Have you not read that our righteousness is as filthy rags? Moving on, aren’t we admonished in the scriptures thus “hitherto have you asked me nothing; but ask that I may give, that your joy might be full” – John 16:24

The same God said in Matthew 7:7ask, and receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you” God didn’t say to ask for little things, He didn’t say, ‘take it easy with me, so you don’t stress me’. No!! He is the Alpha, the Omega, all you need to have all your needs met! The earth and everything in it belongs to Him remember? Psalm 24: 1. ASK! ASK! ASK ALREADY!

I’m speaking to myself as well on this one: ASK Fairy GodSister, ASK! And believe that you will receive what you have asked for. Why? Because you’re asking your father, and you know He won’t withhold any good thing from you. Break it down like this: you ask your earthly father for N100 to buy lunch; you don’t doubt even for a second that he’ll give it to you because you know he loves you and won’t let you starve. How much more our father in Heaven who owns everything? How/why do we let the devil deceive and rob us of our blessings from God?

It so affects us that when a word of prophecy goes out concerning us, in our minds we ‘reduce’ (whether consciously or unconsciously) the scope of that prophecy for the reasons outlined above. We become what my dad calls ‘shovel christians’, shovelling all the prophecies anywhere but in our own direction where I daresay they are needed the most! Whatever happened to believing 2 Chronicles 20: 20? “Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.”

Men and brethren, enough of that! There’s nothing as amazing as a concrete knowledge of who you are in Christ; not only will it work wonders for your confidence levels, it will ensure you ‘go boldly before the throne of grace’. Where else do we have to go anyways?

Have a fabulous Jesus week!

P:S – You won’t believe I didn’t even run through the scenarios my buddy painted for me! I’m sorry, I’ll do that next week!

How big is your God?


  1. Iyke O says:

    You are so on point,. Good number of us being overwhelmed in the time past of some of our losses begin to weigh situations, subconsciously with God but guess what, God is the All-Mighty and nothing compares to or with Him. This subconscious thoughts automatically cancels faith even before we exercise it, leaving us in a vicious cycle of more probable losses, less faith & more doubts….May God open our eyes to know Him more.


  2. Olu says:

    Very true. We tend to theoretically agree with the abilities of God to meet our needs and hear our cry and then go all pragmatic and often pessimitic about his actuall desire to do it for us.

    Reading David’s Psalms it reads like an intense Dear Diary session.Sometimes Praise,Sometimes tears other times fears.

    I dunno the solution to totally believing he will do it. The same certainty we exhibt in our ability to take our next breath or the gravity to maintian the our feet on the ground.

    I guess we all gotta keep praying and holding on,like the Three Hebrew boys in Babylon.Like Daneil with the Lions.Like Job who held on regardless of all that happened.

    God grant us the ability to believe.




  4. Omobolaji Seni-Hughes says:

    *big grin*


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