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Hiya!! Welcome to the third month of the year!! Whoop whoop!! Started on a beautiful note for me; got my hair done in the morning (and I’m totally loving it), got home to meet some great news in the post (whoop), and then I grilled chicken that I’d marinated the night before. Wanna see?

Yum!!! *licks fingers*

Are you done salivating? ok, on to the post for the day. Originally published on @abisona’s blog on the 16th of February 2012 for Val’s, the post below was one of the many I offered to do on Twitter that day. Follow @chiomachuka so you don’t miss out on the next offer for a free blog post or article! Enjoy ‘Bruce and Me’ below…..

Looking forward to getting home from work today; this will be my first Val’s Day with a ‘special someone’. I’ve been seeing Bruce for about eight months now, and he’s really something. In my uncle’s words, he’s ‘all that, a bag of chips, and a coke’!

I met Bruce at an in-law’s 50th birthday do. He came late, said he had an emergency at work (did I mention he’s a pediatrician) and so had to perform a minor procedure before coming. You’d think he’s just cancel, being tired and all but he told me, “I’d already told the celebrant I’d be there; I don’t let people down”. How true those words are!

We had such a good time chatting I told myself I would ask for his number if he didn’t take mine; silencing the ‘he-who-finds-a-wife-not-vice-versa’ voices in my head sharply. Didn’t the same Bible say ‘the violent take it by force’?

Guess what? He didn’t ask for the number o! And forget my bravado, ‘liver failed me’ to offer it or ask for his. After all my 21st Century big mouth, hiss. He said goodbye to the host, pecked me, and went out the door, all six feet of chocolate goodness that he was. Chei, my heart nearly stopped! “This is how people miss their blessings”, I told myself. Oya, do I join Nollywood by running out the door to tell him how much I fancied him and then meet him kissing a girlfriend or wife? That didn’t sound at all pleasant, but so was my sitting there. May you never be as confused as I was that night!

“I forgot to take your email address”, was the next thing I heard, feeling a hand on my now drooped shoulders at the same time. It was Bruce! I nearly squealed with delight but I ‘maintained to sustain’, lol!!

Anyway, so Bruce sent me an email with some links to some professional courses we had discussed, and I replied, knowing fully well that my number was in my email signature. Funnily, his number was in his as well, and I physically restrained myself from calling.

He called me a few days later though, and we went for a drink, then to lunch, then for another drink, to dinner, and then he asked me to date him. What do you think I said?

Many times I sit and wonder what I did to have been given Bruce. He’s so good to me sometimes I’m inches away from thinking I don’t deserve him.

Amongst other things, he’s driven, loves his job and is very good at it. That’s a lot of re-assurance for me because I’m sure he’ll be fabulous with our kids (I’m allowed to dream abeg).

Like me, Bruce is strong-willed so every now and then we disagree about stuff. It’s a different kind of disagreement though, knowing that Bruce loves me passionately and won’t set out to hurt me. Plus we have this unspoken rule where, even if he has to commute all the way to mine to elicit or give an apology (depending on who’s in the wrong), we must resolve our issues before bedtime.

Bruce is ‘glass of wine only at an event’ type of guy, which is perfect for me. He’s also got a healthy appetite, which is perfect too because I love to cook. Did I mention he’s cute too? Sigh! Sigh! Sigh! He towers above me, giving life to my kissing on tip toes dream, and doesn’t hesitate to lift me every chance he gets! Sigh! Sigh! Sigh!

Phone rings. Oh wait, it’s my alarm; stupid idea to use the same song for the alarm and calls. It is February the 14th alright, and I’ve overslept again; need to be out of this house in 30 minutes if I’ll meet my train. Sigh.

#DearFutureHusband, so I’ve dreamt of you again today, twice now this week. You’d better show up soon. And no, you mustn’t be named Bruce.

  1. What? That was all a dream?! 😛


  2. jhazmyn says:

    Hahaha, its ok to dream jo, afterall, dreams do come true 😉


  3. nzube says:

    I enjoyed the development of the plot and suspense. Weldone


  4. chika says:

    nice work of art


  5. Chinazar says:

    OMG! You had me goshing @ d end. I was already slightly envious.

    But girls, we gotta dream. It’s only one life.




  7. Lol..Hahaha…you are good!…
    undeniably so…see how you took my imagination on that long trip only to meet that twist…smh…
    I loved the story…and no He mustn’t be named Bruce..surely,there are more befitting names for a FGS”s Beau…*wink wink*

    Lol@your scriptural allusions…
    Thanks for sharing…


  8. What? Twas a dream????!
    You had me smiling already…


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