1. Boil the rice2. Set it aside3. Other ingredients4. Music5. Spices6. The veg
7. Step one and two8. End product!9. Left overs10. A meal well deserved11. Chicken

How to cook fried rice!, a set on Flickr.



Wondering at the cooking lesson above? Click on the link above or on this one to get the full description and process k? And thank me later!

This is just a quick one to let you know what I got up to yesterday. I woke up excited for some reason, and after doing some of the chores I had pencilled down for the day I decided to cook fried rice!! After running through a little checklist in my head I knew I had most of what I needed so I sent a bbm (blackberry message) to my bestie (@debiemangut) to tell her (and maybe make her jealous, lol). The ensuing convo is below.


Lol!!! Crazy girl!! But I love her! Anyways, so I set to cooking, and tweeting the pictures of the process as well. Response to everything was so good I knew I had to make a chronicle out of it.

That’s it!! Let me know how it went if you try my method!

Love, rice, and everything nice!!





  1. Iyke O says:

    I saw a glimpse of d marinated chicken (loads of it), then it was fried. As if this punishment (*sit-don-dey-look-good-food-pass punishment*) was not enough, a big bowl of sumptuous fried rice was made by d Chief Punisher, Chioma & tweeted, then while I was turning on my belle’s bluetooth to have a trans-Pacific feel of it, guess d next tweet I saw, a well scrapped empty bowl with few bones, dots of rice & d scrapper-spoon. Thanks for punishing my throat once again wit d pix; I enjoyed d ‘convo’ with ur bestie, Debie but I feel d ‘Convo’ would have gone differently if she had seen d end of dat process from d beginning…For weight watchers don’t look o, O dikwa Temptateous & Sumptuous o


  2. Chioma says:

    I haven’t been in the kitchen for over a month now and so i had my self to blame wen my fried rice didn’t come out so well *covers face in shame* I will surely make a second attempt. Happy Sunday!


    • Eh ya!!! Pele namesake!! The beauty of having it on my blog is you can refer to it the next time you want to try! And I’m sure you’ll get it right this next time!! Hugs!


  3. […] How to cook fried rice! (fairygodsister.wordpress.com) […]


  4. Nice article! 🙂


  5. Lol…your bestie is hilarious…
    Good for you@food choice over hubby prophecy…..brilliant choice jare…
    Life is too short to play with food…


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