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I read this post first the day after Valentine’s Day, when I was bored to death and in need of something that wouldn’t remind me of my single status. Addict that I am, I went on WordPress and looked under the recommended tab. I wasn’t big on reading an expatriate’s diary at first I must confess but his titles had a way of beckoning I couldn’t turn down. I was happy I came on to the site when I read ’10 easy ways to improve your life today’.

Which of his tips spoke directly to me? I’ll tell you, but only after you’ve shared yours! Enjoy!

BA Expat

Changing or improving your life doesn’t have to be a long, frustrating, drawn-out process. I’m always in search of the smallest changes that yield the biggest returns, and below is my collection of quick tips that can make your life easier, more fulfilling, or just less of a pain in the ass.

Try one or two of these and tell me how great they worked.

Sleeping at the desk

Zack’s Not-So-Secret List of Simple Ways to Increase Happiness, Productivity, or General Awesomeness

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