Saturday night after choir rehearsals I was a bit bored. I had sorted out my uniform for service the next day, stuffed myself with cherry tomatoes, didn’t want to start reading a novel because it would keep me up till I finished it, and for some reason I couldn’t write.

I went online, read a few articles off WordPress’ ‘freshly pressed’ and then went on Linda Ikeji’s blog to catch up on gist generally. Then I read Okeoghene’s story, and by the time I was done, the well of tears in my eyes had started a little course down my face.

That put paid to the boredom that night. I thought, ‘I’m a few years shy of 29 myself, how would I feel if I was this young man and the only thing on my mind day in day out was how to salvage what’s left of my limbs before it snuffs my life out?

I looked at the amount he needed for surgery, 5 million naira only. Pere! Immediately I thought of the probe going on at the National Assembly, the almighty N850, 000 meal, and I knew that either one person wrote it off with a cheque or all of us would gather our pennies together. Either way, 5million naira was doable.

I went on Twitter, and with a ‘warning because of the gory photos’, started asking people to first publicise, and then donate. This is where my first set of thank yous start. To @KathleenNdongmo, @4eyedmonk, @omojuwa, @MrBankole, @ykprojects who not only ran with the story but helped out in their own way, may all the help you will ever seek never be more than a message from you!

This was about 11pm, Nigerian time, and #saveoke featured in just about every tweet on my timeline. I needed the campaign to get bigger but I wasn’t sure how; of course I would blog about it but what else could we do?

@KathleenNdongmo (as if on cue) DM’ed me to get in touch with the CCHub guys. I hadn’t heard of them before that night but apparently they’d successfully spearheaded a campaign to fix the blown off roofs of the Yaba Barracks using a webpage. Sounded great, and is the second rung up the appreciation ladder. I rang Tubosun, one of the founders of CCHub past midnight (Nigerian time), and not only was he pleasant, he agreed to help! This was despite the fact that his company was in the middle of a pretty hectic event. A big thank you also goes to Stanley, a developer with the company who was detailed to our cause and was very patient with Oke and I in all the emails we had to exchange.

A big thank you to everyone who donated on Saturday night, you gave us the will to go on. Your own issues will receive speedy answers in Jesus name! Several times that night when people retweeted the calls for donations and added, ‘done’, tears would fill my eyes afresh. Regardless of the animals at the helm, Nigerians are a truly loving and caring people. You can take that to the bank!

I spoke to Oke that night as well, and he sounded so positive! If I remember correctly he chuckled at some point and I marvelled at his bravery, what with what he was facing.

On Sunday morning I did a blog post on his story, and on Monday a more descriptive one. By this time people in the diaspora were all over us, asking how they could pitch in. God bless you guys!

That same night I thought about making a video to connect us with Oke; not one of the silly ‘£/$3 a day will save 1 million children in Africa’ kind of videos, I just wanted him to tell his story. I got in touch with Onye Ubanatu (because only the best would do), and again, it was closer than further to midnight. After I pitched it to him, he agreed! He was billed to be out of Lagos the entire week but promised to get on it the day after he got back which in my opinion  was good because it would provide new momentum for the campaign that week. Thank you Onye! Mwah!

I got a call yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. Ejiro Gegere (God bless you richly for your tenacity) called to say the Delta State Government got in touch and would cater to Oke. At the time she rang, they’d already gotten him admitted in a hospital on the Island for tests, and as you’re reading this he’s been to Immigration and is back with his passport! They have said they’ll cater to everything, and they’re well on their way to that.

While I am grateful to the state government, my heart goes out to you, you, and you. For your prayers, your time, and your resources. You’ll be pleased to note that by this morning, we’d raised well over 2million naira!! God bless you. Walai God bless you!

This is the beginning of many updates because as I said to Oke, “we won’t stop till you are sorted”.

  1. Iyke O says:

    As the saying goes ‘Our life is a gift from God, & what we do for others is our gift to God’, we all threw our little: re-tweets, BBM broadcasts, financial tokens, phone calls, word of mouth; thank God today that our little raindrops have come good as an Ocean for this budding young Nigerian ; am praying that God will accept our gifts by giving Mr. Oke a quick healing as he undergoes all required surgery, medication, and re-hab…Amen!


  2. kenny says:

    Many thanks Tayo for just reaching out and trying! The momentum from your “little”efforts is enough evidence that all we need most times to achieve the bhag is “to start. Love u dear. U rock!


  3. Nike says:

    Thanks for all you’ve done and as you have prayed for all who took par, may all your needs also be speedily and accurately met by the One who is well able! Pls dont stop now! Keep his story upfront till he gets the surgery, is hale and hearty and goes back to school! Its then that he will have gotten his life back! Who says stuff cant be done, where there is a will, there is a way and where there’s no way, a will can make one. Kudos! Can we take on corruption in Nigeria also?


    • @ Nike, amen!!!!

      Sadly, when I think of it now I realize that corruption in our system played a part in Oke’s case getting to what it became. If there was ready access to qualitative healthcare, he wouldn’t have gotten to the point where he required amputation.

      As for ‘taking on’ corruption, that’s more than an uphill task from where I stand….


  4. Onah Peter Onyemaechi says:

    I don’t know what to say but to praise God alimighty for it is only throgh him that all these were possible…HALLELUJAH. I so sorry my fellow ex-FGC student that I didn’t have to contribute but my communication with God ion your behalf was the only thing I could is well my friend,Happy happy times ahead in Jesus Name frm Onah Peter Onyemaechi A.K.A. OPO


  5. Paula says:

    God Bless You All!…..Tayo, as you reach out to help your neighbours, so also God is connecting you to your Divine Favour and Divine Helper…..(Amen!)……


  6. Lue says:



  7. Layefa Thompson says:

    so so touching. God bless u sister


  8. onye ubanatu says:

    Chioma u are a blessing and God will continue to bless you dear. thanks for sharing the info with me and getting me to do this. as i type, a big surprise awaits his family. i shall give you the gist when it happens. lool. God bless you sweety. @onyeubanatu (my tweeter handle)


  9. maureen says:

    dear sis!!!! well done and GOd bless. Am not a wealthy woman but i would love to sjupport this cause cos I know God will definately heal him. Please inbox bank details to Please its ymail and not yahoo. Would deposit some money first thing on Monday. Thanks and God bless you all


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  14. And God bless u also. I am awed at this, typical case of one person can do a lot, one person can be dedicated to a cause and make it suceed. Wow! Thank u again.


    • My dear… This was God at work o, through the lives of many. Speaking of which, I have his number somewhere, I should check on the guy, see how he’s doing!
      Ps – you’ve become Lizzie abi? I see you!


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