Nigeria Police Force

Nigeria Police Force (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the month of April! Fourth month of the year 2012; that you’re here reading this is proof of God’s faithfulness, the miracle of yet another day!! Whoop!

April is a special month for me for many reasons; it’s my only sister’s birth month (happy birthday 19 days in advance Dokky), it’s the month before my birth month (start getting those pressies ready), and four’s a nice number (for lack of anything else to say)!

Wasn’t very happy yesterday though, and I’ll tell you in a minute. Earlier in the day I read an article by Chris Ihidero (my big uncle in this profession), where he all but washed himself clean of all the optimism he’s ever had for Nigeria. Titled, ‘why Nigeria won’t be great anytime soon’, this first part focused on the shameful state of the Nigerian Police Force; our so-called claim to security.

Now, even though I agreed 110% with everything he said, I’m a big (maybe even bigger optimist) so I thought, ‘Nigeria will still be great jor, and soon’! Little did I know I would eat my words before the end of the day!

About noon a friend got in touch to say his sister had been abducted the night before. She was forced into and then driven away in her own car by a bunch of hoodlums in one of the states of Nigeria.

That was the evening of Friday the 30th, Saturday the 31st her car was found outside a lounge in another part of the town. Amongst other things found in the car were shoes (not belonging to her), and blood (not belonging to her too in Jesus name)!

The Police were notified. They dropped by the house on Saturday and in my opinion that’s as ‘useful’ as they’ve been.

To the part that made my blood boil (and almost curdle). After they were informed her car had been found, they asked HER BROTHER to tow the car to their station.

Did I mention they would only declare her missing after 24 hours? ‘Standard procedure’, they said.


Run through these scenarios with me; there are witnesses to her violent abduction, you’ve found her car and you still need 24 hours to declare her missing? What other evidence do you need in the name of everything pure? A ‘go-ahead’ note from her captors? Or for goats and chickens on the street to tell you they witnessed it as well, since you don’t believe the human beings or no one has the presence of mind to adapt rules to peculiar situations!! Jeez!!!

Then, whatever happened to protecting the sanctity of a crime scene? And then, her brother (who is obviously distraught and traumatized by his sisters’ disappearance) should bring the car to the station? For what!!! The car should just be towed to the station for you to impound so you can charge for its release later right?

In these days of Boko Haram (which in your extreme usefulness/intelligence you have been unable to quash), no one gave a thought to checking to see if the car had been rigged with explosives? Noooooooooo. Yet you’re happy to cause traffic with the laughable mirrors you stick under cars of hapless human beings going to the cinema in the name of ‘searching for bombs’.


I’m so angry! Maybe because this hit close to home, or maybe because it’s dawning on me that WE ARE NOT SECURE!

We have prayed, gotten in touch with the SSS and all our ‘big friends’ in the Police Force to get on it (because of course your case only gets attention if you know ‘someone’). When I think however that it is these half-baked (or raw), under-paid, ill-equipped minions who’ll be charged with expediting action on this matter, I realize that our only hope is in God.

Please say a prayer for her.

  1. Iyke O says:

    What can one say, in a situation where with all the larger activities of kidnapping that dominated Niger-Delta & the South-East areas some years ago, no serious technical work were done in studying the different kidnapping tactics, and developing sustainable strategies and high intel-oriented response techniques for use in a future case; nor is it now we were befallen by the ugly Politico-fundamentalist bigots,d BH boiz in the North using IEDs & small arms to propagate the interests of their unknown masters, will they (NPF) allow an officer to search a bag fully laden with live IED in the name of diffusing it without appropriate bomb-disposal tools (May the Soul of that officer RIP). With all these, all that the govt. was thinking was sewing a new uniform for them albeit a military camouflage (may be for them to be feared more); I pray for the Sister that her life be saved, & that a big confusion arise in the camp of her captors that will lead to her escape, miraculously! (Amen)


  2. Soul Sista says:

    24 hours to declare sm1 was kidnapped in the prescence of witnesses?! Has the Nigerian Police Force gone bonkers! OMG. I’m jst stunned @ this. It’s a pity abt the security situation, we’re not safe under the ‘cover’ we find ourselves in…especially in Abuja. That’s why my pastor says we all need sth to protect ourselves! Bottles, pepper sprays, booby traps…whatever works for you. USE IT!


    • Sista I nearly died of shock when I was told! People were there when she was snatched, you recovered her car the next day, and they still insisted on ‘playing it by the book’. Big amen to carrying pepper spray o! I’m thinking of a taser sef….


  3. Tolu says:

    Your friend’s sister will be found safe and sound, by God’s intervention, using what or whoever he chooses to use. Amen.

    Our only hope is in God. Interestingly, my family had a similar experience a few weeks ago. I blogged it here – it may be helpful.

    I do not think we should be surprised that the NPF behaves the way they behave. Given the present state of affairs, we ought to be surprised only when they behave differently. In Nigeria today, it is who you know. It is high time though, that protection be extended to those who know no body. This responsibility really lies with those of us who claim to know God and are divinely protected. How do we extend security to those who do not know anyone, not even God?

    And do we have a choice but to believe, speak and act such that this country that is presently not a country shall yet be a country? Where else do we go?


    • Hello Tolu, thanks for stopping by! And thanks be to God too, she’s been returned to the family! I’m not surprised at the Nigerian Police Force, I just think they strive for new ‘lows’ with each incident! It’s frustrating, and very painful. God help us…. we really need it!


  4. femmelounge says:

    I pray your friend’s sister will be found alive and well by God’s grace.

    this is really sad. they have all they need to start an investigation yet they won’t, this is why people are so bold to carry out all sorts of criminal activities, they know the police will do nothing! honestly i don’t think the change will pray for is near. it’s sad.


  5. I am so sorry for your frieind’s sister and for the suffering her family is enduring. I can only pray for her and for both of our countries. Two African-Americans, biracial, were killed in our country within the last month. They were both young people…15 and 20 years old. Neither were armed and neither of their murderers were arrested…It seems violence is growing everywhere and we each must make the supreme effort not to condone it or conform to it. Again, I am sorry for the injustice you are experiencing. We must continue to pray for one another and be peace-makers!


    • Thank you Johann, she was released three days after the family paid ransom! It’s a shame about the young people killed; and all the more because it’s beginning to feel like people who do wrong don’t suffer the consequences so there’s no deterrent.


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