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Setting you free, this lingering fantasy

Chicken and fox, turtle and bee, this cannot be, this you and me

Setting you free, love at its peak

For one mound makes a she incomplete

Setting you free, unwrapped, untainted

Safely back to the One from whence you were dated

Setting you free, retrieving my heart

I must have two, for I already have one

Setting you free, this eagle is homesick

Nestled, unready, and afraid of heights

Setting you free, I love you, you love me

Sadly, love isn’t all it takes for us to be

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  1. olamidecraig says:

    I like this very much. Well written.


  2. Love your thoughts…especially the “butterfly image” and your words that define it…!


  3. olamidecraig says:

    I really like this. Well written, well presented too.


  4. Iyke O says:

    When love is confronted with a reality test. So simple but deep stuff *a classic work of art*


  5. Soul SIsta says:

    love this! made me feel all warm and fuzzy!


  6. Thanks for sharing. Setting you free, I love you, you love me – I love the line the best. The act of letting go with love infused. Beautifu inscription with complimentary images!


  7. Jhazmyn says:

    “Setting you free, I love you, you love me

    Sadly, love isn’t all it takes for us to be”

    Bitter sweet words, I love the emotions in this post, so real and raw 🙂


  8. crayfish says:

    I love the setting you free theme. It’s funny how people claim to be setting others free when, in fact, they’re setting themselves free.


    • It occurred to me too ‘Crayfish’, and I must confess that several times I asked myself if I wasn’t masking my own selfishness in the title. When I thought of the fact that by remaining in something I wasn’t happy in, I was keeping not only myself but the other party ‘bound’………


    • Very true… No one should stay bound by anyone/anything, not even love…

      Thank you Crayfish!


  9. Jhpoetry says:

    nicely spoken, much depth


  10. Andy says:

    This is almost song-like. Nice imagery & flow. Thanks for sharing.

    The Violet Maiden


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