Oh wow!

God has been good! It’s another Friday already, cheers to the frigging weekend! Friday the 13th I must add, with all the superstitions around that, but I’m headed in a different direction this morning. I’m more interested in ‘waking up’, the little thing we do every day that we take for granted because it just happens.

I woke up this morning feeling great, feeling grateful for the simple fact that I’m awake today. Regardless of your status or circumstance (whether you slept on a water-bed or on the floor) waking up every morning isn’t a natural thing. It’s a gift from God, out of His bounty regardless of our unfaithfulness, the wrong things we do on a daily basis His mercies are new every morning, Friday to Friday.

Kinda inspired me to write the little piece that’s below….. I hope it stirs up as much thanksgiving in your heart as it did in mine!

Friday to Friday to Friday to Friday,

I’m still here, no pain, no tear(s)

Life, no strife, peace, increase

all my wants He doth supply

and my needs, never denied.

Nothing compares cos He’s always there

Friday to Friday to Friday to Friday.

Enjoy your weekend, and stay out of trouble!

P:S – Meanwhile I just got good news from my besto!! Whoop whoop!!!

  1. Tolu says:

    “Waking up every morning isnt a natural thing.” Seemingly mundane but profound.

    May we see the miracles we experience daily. May we realize that “we are miracles, living in miracles, with delegated authority to produce miracles.” It will lead to more joy, more thanksgiving, more gratitude, just to be alive.


    • Hello Tolu!!! Thanks for stopping by again…. It’s funny how we just get up each day and ‘go’….. with no thought of the many who went to bed the night before and didn’t see a new day.. We must remain thankful o!


  2. Iyke O says:

    Back to your poety self….TGIF…feelings around today is great; Chioma you captured the mood so well in as short as the poem followed….Thank Baba God, He too much….& my needs never fit deny em supply!


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