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Hello you!!

Beautiful Saturday morning, and am I grateful it’s not raining!!! It’s rained every day since Tuesday, and by last night I was pretty fed up with it! Talk about humans never being satisfied; when it doesn’t rain now we’ll be holding vigils to ‘open the heavens’, now I’m complaining that it’s too much! God forgive me!

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good laugh, it’s the fastest way to get through to me. Give me something to laugh/smile about, and you’d be well on your way to securing my friendship! I think that came from my dad, one of the funniest people I know. Never misses an opportunity to make us laugh, even in difficult times; it’s one of the things I miss about him, his rich laughter and the way he’ll clap his hand on his knee when he’s really amused! I love you daddy!

Ok, so on Twitter last night I said I would be starting a new category on the blog today, a permanent feature published every Saturday at noon. This is it, the ‘pinch of humor‘ category!! The inspiration for this? Recently I was disgusted with the way a friend handled an incident and so I put as my BBM status something I wouldn’t want to print here! Another friend saw the update and asked what was wrong, I explained to him and he cheered me up. I’m grateful for him because apart from working very hard that evening to cheer me up (believe me I was smoking from the ears), he reminded me of a very important fact: Life is too short to wallow in anger/misery!

After we got done talking, I looked through some of the pictures I’ve been storing on my phone for the simple fact that they amused me, and I gave myself a good laugh! And then I decided that every Saturday, I would share some of those pictures so I can give others a laugh as well!

That’s it, the gist behind this category; among other things I want you to be able to come on here to chill, put your worries aside for a bit, and just have a laugh because sweetheart, life is too short to be worked up every day!! That’s the reason why ‘pinch of humor’ will come only on Saturdays too, so you’re not in work mode or anything. Doesn’t mean you can’t revisit the page during the week though, please feel free! And don’t be stingy, share with your friends and family!

The best part of this new category is you have a say on what pictures go up, so if something made you smile, share the love!! Send an email to and I’ll credit you when I put the pictures up! All I ask is they be rated ‘family’, nothing x-rated or political. Agreed? Good stuff!

That’s it then, enjoy the pictures for this week!

Arsenal fans forgive me o!!! I think I saw this picture last year, when Arsenal received one major whupping like that....

This is my personal favorite! I should adopt this answer for the self-proclaimed monitors of my weight!

That’s it, a pinch of humor for the day! Which was your favorite? Send me yours!

  1. chiomarh says:

    Lol… First I would say thanks for sharing I don’t even know which one made me laugh most between the short guy and the Chicken who died struggling. Secondly, the message behind a pinch of humour is a strong one which came to me at the very right time, I spent the whole of last night nursing this grudge on someone for breaking a promise and then this morning a woke up with a “little revenge” after i read this I didn’t just laugh at the post I also laughed at myself and my plan. Really life is too short for doing unproductive things that only end up wasting our emotions and sapping our energy. Dear FairyGodSister, thank you for sharing and God bless.


    • Ha ha ha!!! I’m glad you loved it babe, I’m really glad you did!! Now it’s up to you to keep it alive by sharing the word, and any pictures that have given you a laugh!


  2. Iyke O says:

    That Kung fu from that guy (fallen hero) is epic, while am cracked up, am still trying to find out if that chicken tried the famous Jack Chan’s drunken master style or just showing some of the Jet Li’s skills….I haven’t stop laughing looking at it….nice one chioma! with this twist to your blog.


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  7. *laughing so hard*…I didn’t realize my habit of storing funny pics on my phone wasn’t peculiar to me..

    I looooove this dimension!…


  8. Ada says:

    This is really cool. Keep it up sis


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