Posted: May 5, 2012 in DAY 2 DAY, FUN!!!, PINCH OF HUMOR
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Did you have a nice week? Mine was awesome! Made progress on several fronts, things are looking up!

Thanks a lot for the positive reviews the newly introduced ‘pinch of humor’ category got last week, I’m happy it’s achieving the purpose for which it was created, lifting our spirits and giving us one more reason to smile! Only issue is, just one person sent me a picture for this week…*tears* We need to do better so this category stays around for a bit, can I count on you for next week? I can? Good stuff!! Send an email to, and I’ll be sure to credit you when it goes up!

Enjoy! And share with a friend!

Believe me I love Nollywood but I just couldn’t ignore this! These guys transcribing eh?

Seriously? Your scarf?

You need to bring out your pidgin for this one!

With God all things are definitely possible!

Shout out to @Matse,  @ChiefSista, and @EniOjeaga for the pictures, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  1. Eziaha says:

    what!!!!!!!! i sent you s picture, no? i dont see it here, im fuming from the ears. im soooo not speaking to you again.


    • Sweetheart!!! What do you want me to do with myself if you don’t speak to me again? I’d already scheduled for the week by the time your mail came….. It’ll be definitely be up this Saturday!


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