I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes!! Saw this one on the @i_blend group!

Hello!!! Welcome to the third week, sharing love, laughter, and reminding ourselves that life is too short to spend every minute of it complaining. Live a little, take some time to chill, to smile, to be grateful for the fact that despite the challenges before you now, it could have been worse, and there are people who are worse off!

This is simple; look, enjoy, and share with a friend! If you’d like to see your pictures featured here, email them to dfairygodsister@yahoo.com. Enjoy the rest of it, a pinch of humor!

Who speaks Hausa? Interpretation please, after you’ve cleaned your brain of course!!! Also gotten off the @i_blend group..

Funny but very true….be safe!

Life ain’t fair!!

Guys is this true? Prove this person wrong jor!!!

That’s it for this week!!! Spread the love, share the joy, and enjoy a beautiful weekend!!

  1. Emmanuel Olalere says:

    LOL!, Jesus is coming soon!


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