Good people!!

Guess what! It’s another Saturday, and even better, it’s the Saturday before my birthday!!! If you didn’t know, now you know… Send those gifts in already jor! I’d have put out a wish list but I know you know the things I want right? Trust you! Lol…

Right! So I’m excited about the responses I’ve been getting, thank you for the pictures you’ve been sending in!! If you didn’t know, the pinch of humor category is what it is, pictures from any and everywhere that have amused you and you’d like to share. Have any? Send them to, and I promise to credit you! Please include a first/nick name or a Twitter handle in your email too!! Thanks!

Enjoy the pictures for this week!

Totally love this one!! Courtesy the @i_blend group on bbm; the day I’ll give gifts for the ‘most pictures from’ category, for now it’s easy to tell where it’ll go!

Awesome!! This one’s courtesy KLBEENG! Thank you!

Courtesy Berry, permit me to be petty enough to dedicate this to anyone who’s beefing me! Get well soon!

Seriously!! As in seriously!!!

Beautiful way to end today’s post!! Yes darling, I studied ‘banker’ too!

That’s all folks!! Have a fabulous weekend, and don’t forget to say happy birthday to me tomorrow!! Hugs!!

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