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I totally loved this!! And I love this blog!

While I never bolted from a doctor’s office as a child, or demanded their credentials (don’t think I had the time, I probably was too busy being afraid), I’m unashamed to say I still have a morbid fear of needles!

It is the reason I don’t have any other piercing, and the reason why I work very hard to suppress any discomfort I have! I remember the last time I had to take an injection (which was recently), before I started crying there were at least three people holding, and trying to calm me down!


Second Lunch

I think around 4 years of age most of us can readily access long-term-ish memories and use them to surmise patterns about everyday life, for example, like how most kids eventually realize forks really suck when eating cereal, and how spoons don’t really quite understand the intricacies of spaghetti. One prominent pattern that began emerging, for me, was the link between going to the Dr’s office and getting some sort of painful injection. Once I solidified that connection, I became absolutely terrified of going to the doctors and would plead with my mother to not go and risk getting a shot.

I would eventually tucker myself out. Crestfallen and lying on the floor I would end up submitting to my mother’s orders.

An injection is a daunting event to a child, right? It’s purposeful pain inflicted without instigation. You can try and explain the concept of viral attenuation or immunization…

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