Posted: June 2, 2012 in DAY 2 DAY, PINCH OF HUMOR
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So I wasn’t amused enough to put anything up for the ‘pinch of humor’ category last week Saturday…. More like I was too tired, too swamped, and honestly, maybe a little ‘unamused’!

I’m back this week though, and instead of the five we normally work with, I’m uploading seven, so you see just how sorry I am for not being there last week. Shout out to ‘Kleen’ who emailed to ask what was wrong, and who sent me a few more pictures!! Hoping you tell me your name soon!

Right. Won’t keep you from it any longer…. Enjoy!

Are we really this hooked to all things new media? Lol!

Lmao! Classic! Thank you Kayode!

Courtesy Miss Ojeaga! Try it!

Dumb and dumber……

Oops!!!!! Don’t believe the hype!

Love this!!

Please show her!!!

And it’s a wrap! Have a wonderful weekend, and a beautiful week ahead! I promise to be here next week!

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