Posted: June 9, 2012 in DAY 2 DAY, PINCH OF HUMOR
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Hello everyone….

I’m not very excited today, still reeling from the multiple disasters Nigeria suffered this week; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday….. I can imagine that families will be hurting for years to come from the events of these days. *sigh* It’s a shame really, especially since in my opinion those deaths could have been avoided. If only we’d just do the right thing…..

I promised I’d try my best not to let a Saturday go by without giving you something to look at and smile; two of the pictures for this week were graciously supplied by Miss Berry Nweze, thank you very much dear! We’re also dedicating today (and every other day really) to the memories of the ones we’ve lost. May they through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

Lol!!! Tell me about ‘straight and narrow……

Assaulted? *Sigh* Thank you Ace!

Loved this! Thanks Sophie! (Iblend)

Ladies and gentlemen,try ya sef!

That’s all folks! Have a safe, restful weekend!

  1. wole says:

    lovely pictures. laughing so hard


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