Posted: June 12, 2012 in DAY 2 DAY, FUN!!!, POETRY
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A part of me longs for you

Calling the others already there

You make everything brand new

My thoughts dreams come true

English: Pebbles

There’s a certain beauty to you

Ace, that extra that’s only here

Strong, arrogant, maybe even derousse

You’re pure, my nightmares diffused

We want to go there

Sail, walk, drive, explore the blues

I feel a lot of things sans fear

Because you care, cos you’re always here

  1. nefariousx says:

    this was a very caring poem.well done


  2. Jacqui BB says:

    Like the pebble image in this poem


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  4. Who is the one who calls you ‘Pebbles’? Who is he oh? Ehen!

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